Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have a Good Night's Sleep on Us...

Yes, that is a mouse pad on my (dirty) Kitchen floor. Natalie was rummaging through my computer bag yesterday and pulled out my old mouse pad.

"What's this?" she wanted to know. She held it gingerly, as if she might have accidentally stumbled upon a costly ancient relic.

"It's a mouse pad." I replied, setting the table for dinner.

"Oh!" she cried, running around the table with it.

She rushed over to the doorway that leads into our Family room. Very carefully, she knelt and placed the mouse pad on the linoleum.

"There." she said. "Now the mousie can sleep on it."

I am pretty sure T would have recommended something with a little more lumbar support, or maybe even a Tempurpedic, but I let it go.

Already such a good hostess, and only three years old. Next thing I know, she'll be putting little mints out in case we should have mousie guests.

I think I'll take a cue from Natalie. If you come to visit me soon, I'll just lay out a mousepad for you.


  1. Um, I'm gonna need a little LARGER mouse pad, please......how precious!!!


  2. Oh my word, that is too funny! Better lay out some pads for all those Maxis that come to visit, tee-hee ;0)

  3. that's really funny. how cute!

  4. Like mother, like daughter....she is so thoughtful and sweet just like you. Living on a farm and having at least one mouse, usually more every winter, I hope your pad doesn't get used. If it does, you will have to keep digging for more pads cause they generally bring all of their family.
    Your floor looks pretty clean for having 2 daughters, husband and a dog.

  5. How funny! Don't you love the way a child's mind works. This reminds me that I have to post another Mikie Says... because he's had a few funny ones lately. I love this age!


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