Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Send Us Some Love Today!

Hey, readers! I'm asking for prayers and good thoughts today...Ellie the German Shepherd goes in for her spay appointment this morning and I have an appointment for another ultrasound around 9 am. They want to take a closer look at baby's heart. 

I feel pretty good about things...I don't think they would have made me schedule another ultrasound for baby if I hadn't told them about Michaela Byrd's innocent heart murmur. She was also born with a small hole in her heart that closed up on its own. We would never have even known about it if the doctor hadn't caught it during her NICU stay. Thousands of people have the same condition and never know about it.

At any rate, the perinatologist herself said that the likelihood of baby boy having the same problem is very small. I feel like maybe this appointment is more to say that they checked it out than anything else.

But I guess any time a doctor schedules more tests and talks seriously at you and mentions the word "heart" you freak out slightly. I'd appreciate your prayers today for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby!

And also, some patience in dealing with a very large, groggy, post-surgery German Shepherd.

Thanks, readers. I always know I can count on you! 


  1. Praying for you!!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. Good luck with your appointment. I hope the results show that baby boy's heart is just fine.

    Ellie has really grown! We are on the same doggie health time schedule...Sherman was neutered yesterday. He was so groggy last night but has already perked up today. The hard thing is going to be to keep him from being active for a few days.

  3. By now, you are probably back home with a very large groggy German Shepherd. The good news...he will most likely sleep for the better part of the day! Praying all went well with your appointment as well. (((HUGS)))

  4. Special prayers for you & love your German shepherd, have had two in my lifetime, my favorite.

  5. Sending up prayers for you all! I just had my cat spayed about a month ago and she slept the whole rest of the day. Here's to hoping your doggy will do the same and give you a little rest. :)


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