Thursday, August 15, 2013

IKEA Decorating Ideas {Shopping Trip Inspiration with new Fall Items}

The girls and I made a quick jaunt up the road to our Woodbridge IKEA on Tuesday. I was hoping to see tons of new Fall showrooms, but was slightly disappointed. There were a few new additions to our favorite "apartments" here and there, but I guess our store has yet to update completely for the upcoming season. A few of the new showrooms looked like they belonged on a Swedish space station--way uber-modern. No matter...I did snap a few iPhone shots of things that popped out at me. Hope you find some IKEA decorating inspiration today!

I love the way they use the large mirror to balance out the two dressers. The red containers are also super cute:

Hello, adorable clock. Swoon!

Almost positive I saw that white piece featured in the marketplace as a plant stand, but I love the way it's used here. Great storage options!

Here's a great example of IKEA's Expedits used in a living area. They're not just for kids' spaces! I like the incorporation of the drawer and door units.

Just love this glass-topped dining's new!

The gray beadboard caught my eye in the bath, as well as using towel racks all along the more jumbled up towels!

Love the cheery yellow wall and that white bed!

Here's another great bedroom...this one's a bit more sophisticated with an upholstered headboard and layered hanging fabric.

Here's a great example of incorporating shelving for storage and display in an older child's room:

These tall, skinny dressers are new and I just love 'em! Would be great for the baby's tiny closet, but I'm planning to repurpose the existing girlie dresser that we already have. 

Seriously considered taking the round black and white rug home with me, but I wasn't sure it would work in our kitchen. Was small, but adorable.

Playroom, kids' room, or craft room...I about died from the sweetness of this rug!

And now I am kicking myself for not bringing this typewriter art home with me. What was I thinking?! I blame it on pregnancy brain and trying to stay on budget.

What did we bring home? I picked up a cute aqua rug to go on the floor in front of my kitchen sink until I can find a more "permanent" one, and some cute little accents for the baby's room. I spent less than $20, so I was really proud of myself!

Which room was your favorite?

Also, thanks to everyone who sent in kind words, thoughts, and prayers yesterday. The baby's heart looked "perfect," to quote the doc! Looks like he'll be here mid-November, despite my December due date...hurray for a third classical c-section (note the sarcasm).

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  1. My favorite outing, a trip to Ikea! :) Fun finds, I think that cute typewriter print would have made it in my cart!

  2. I'm dying to get back to IKEA! I'm so jealous you're so close! :)

  3. I so need to make a trip in the coming weeks. Great finds. Loving those new dressers!!

  4. I love the beadboard in the bathroom! I've pinned it and will have to look for it next time I'm at the store. And I don't think I've ever gotten out of Ikea spending less than $100, way to go keeping it under $20!
    And congratulations on your new baby! I've been so busy I haven't been checking in with my favourite blogs in quite a while. I'm so happy for you!
    Debbie :)

  5. yea for Ikea. I wish ours was a little closer -its too far for that quick trip.

  6. Hi! Love the finds. The glass top dining set is not new, though...I have it and the coffee table (same style). I got it 9 years ago. I'm happy to see it's still in style! :)

    I will say, it is difficult to keep it clean when you have kids. Stuff (spilled drinks) gets under the glass and is a pain to clean because the glass is super heavy. It's also tough to keep the mesh under part of the table dust free.


  7. mandgmom, It was marked as "New" in our store, so it must have been new to that particular showroom. :)

  8. ikea is so charming, i love its furniture!!!


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