Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Vintage Tea Cart {Furniture Ready for a Makeover}

If you have followed me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for long, you may remember a hilarious series of photos I shared at various points over the past year or so. They were called "Weird Things in My Nannie's House" and focused on, you guessed it, weird things I spotted in my Nannie's house. With funny captions. The house is mostly cleared out now, and the last thing I chose to keep is this vintage metal tea cart.
Vintage Tea Cart

This piece sat in a corner of Nannie's dining room for years, and held boxes of her family silver. I think it goes with a set of three metal nesting tables that I brought home last Spring. I saw it and knew it would be perfect for our deck.

In complete honesty, between bugs, bad weather, morning sickness, etc. we haven't used our deck once this summer. I doubt I will have a chance to refresh this piece before Fall arrives. I have about 32 projects going on inside the house. For now, it's going outside and I'll probably cover it when the weather gets bad.

As you can see, our vintage patio furniture (also from Nannie's) is white. The black side tables are from Target and coordinate with the black dining table from Lowe's. I can't decide to give the tea cart a fresh coat of white (it's currently a dingy cream color), black, or maybe a bold color. I'm thinking maybe white and then using bright accessories as accents.
Our Deck with Vintage Patio Furniture, from Serenity Now

Have you rescued any pieces in need of some TLC lately?

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  1. I saw a cart like this and it was painted metallic gold!!!! Good luck Amanda, and take it easy dear. :-)

  2. Cute cart. I agree...gold would be pretty!! Or maybe a fun bright color.

  3. Super cute cart! It really is perfect for outside with your other furniture.

  4. I have been searching high and low for a vintage tea cart! Yours is awesome! The design catalogs charge so much for them these days and yours is a hot, hot, hot item! Hang onto that piece! You lucky girl you!


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