Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Dress Up a Store-Bought Potted Plant (Teacher Gift Idea)

I may be the only person whose elementary-schooler is still in school...and has class until June 6! I guess some Virginia counties are just gluttons for punishment, huh? I had to come up with a Last-Minute Teacher Gift Idea for my preschooler last week. We purchased thank you notes and Starbucks gift cards, but I knew Michaela Byrd wanted an actual gift to hand her sweet teachers. We picked out some beautiful potted wave petunias, but the pots had writing all over them and I knew we could do better. I thought I'd show you a super easy and inexpensive way to dress up those store-bought potted plants:
How to Dress Up Store-Bought Potted Plants (Teacher Gift Idea), from Serenity Now

To do this, you'll need:
Dress Up a Plain Potted Plant for Your Child's Teacher! from Serenity Now

-Potted Plant of your choice
-Plastic bag

1. I cut a circle (ish) bit of the plastic bag to wrap around the base of the pot. I figured this would help keep any extra moisture from leaking through the burlap. You can wrap it tightly and secure it with tape to the sides of the pot. I just wrapped it and made sure the ends were sticking up.
Keep a Potted Plant Gift from Leaking, at Serenity Now blog

2. I cut a big square of burlap and placed the pot in the center. Then I just pulled it straight up, making a little sack for the pot to rest in. Next, I cut a length of ribbon, wrapped it around the pot (near the top), and tied a tight knot.
Wrap Potted Plants in Burlap for a Last-Minute Teacher Gift, Serenity Now

Dress Up a Plant in a Plastic Pot (Teacher Gift), from Serenity Now
Last Minute Teacher Gift Idea, from Serenity Now blog

The teachers ended up loving the plants and pretty ribbon. I could have made a cute printable that said something like "thanks for growing with me this year" or something, but when I considered it, my brain said, "ain't nobody got time for that." So I listened. 

What's your favorite thing to give to teachers as a special "thank you"?

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  1. These are really pretty - grosgrain ribbon makes anything look better :-)

  2. Love that you kept it simple! My 1st grader doesn't get out until June 5th, so not everyone is full into summer yet. :)

  3. Very, very pretty! I love simple but beautiful things. Thanks for sharing Amanda.

  4. You're a smart girl to listen to your brain!! And this is a great idea--not just for a teacher gift, but for any kind of gift! I'm thinking hostess gift. . . but wouldn't it also be a great favor for a party? Smart girl!

  5. Over here in Washington State, school isn't out until another month! Last day of school for my kids is June 20th. Crazy! Love keeping it simple, especially at this busy time of year.

  6. Wow...lucky you... school in north jersey is till June 24!!...(n yes we r doing a countdown!!)

  7. Very cute. I love simple gift idea and in sure the teacher appreciated it too.


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