Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Project Sneak Peek (and Mod Podge Haul Video)

Project Sneak Peek Day! I'm gearing up to work on a fun Halloween Craft Project for Mod Podge, and I wanted to show you a teeny corner of it...wonder if you can guess what it is. {wink} Whenever a box of crafty stuff arrives on my doorstep, it's a little bit like September. I hope I'm not the only person who gets excited over shiny stuff and glitter!
Mod Podge Goodies, from Serenity Now blog

I put together a quick little "haul" video to show you guys all the cool stuff Mod Podge sent my way. I had to shoot in one take while the kids were finishing a cartoon, so please don't expect an Oscar-worthy film here. Just me and my trusty (camera hog) Pomeranian, Emma. If you're reading this in an email or a reader, you'll need to click over to the blog to view the video:

I mean, really, how could you not be giddy when you open a box and see a bunch of craft goodies inside? Half the fun is going through the box and thinking about all the possibilities!
Mod Podge Craft Supplies, from Serenity Now blog
Mod Podge Supplies, Serenity Now blog
Mod Podge and Paints, Serenity Now blog

Want a little peek at what I'm working on for next week? Here's a hint...the base for my project was a thrifty find from my local ReStore! I just hope it turns out the way I have it pictured in my head.
Halloween Project Sneak Peek, Serenity Now blog

What are your favorite projects to make with Mod Podge? 

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  1. How fun! Can't wait to see your project!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  2. What a fun haul, Amanda! I can't wait to see what you make with it! :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you make! Loved the video with your little Dog in it, so cute!

  4. Ummm. Holy MP!?! You got some cool stuff there- can't wait to see what you create!!

  5. Can't wait to see what you make! With a cool Mod Podge collection like that, it's bound to be awesome!!

  6. How awesome is this!! I can see lots of fabulous crafts coming out of you in the future!
    Debbie :)

  7. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with this stuff. So fun!!

  8. I couldn't leave a message on the post, because you had closed down the comments. I have listed your post on New Blog: How To Blog Party as one of my featured links for this week on my Friday Favorite Blog Links. I found it so helpful when I first started in May and thought lots of other new Bloggers would also. I have posted a link to the series in today's post.

    Visit my blog to grab your featured blogger button.

    Debi @ Adorned From Above


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