Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in the Fall Schedule

Fall is on its way to full swing here! Michaela Byrd started back to preschool on Monday, which felt so strange because Natalie has been in first grade for almost three weeks now. I've enjoyed having our quiet days at home so much that I was kind of sad to send her off, but she's already made a few new little girlfriends and come home with some super-cute crafts.

I swear her pose was totally impromptu (she loves to pose-don't know who she might get that from), but it reminded me of someone....

Both girls' dance classes started last week, and Natalie's taking jazz in addition to ballet for the first time. She seems to much prefer jazz, even after just one class. She likes the up-tempo music and the fact that she gets to wear a colored leotard. Go figure. Michaela Byrd's just happy to be back to twirling and spinning. 

And me? I'm trying to stay on top of everything on my list. This week was busier than usual with some appointments and meetings, but I hope to get more done at home next week while the girls are at school. My September Back to School "mantel" is finished...just need to take some pics and show you guys next week!

It seems like we go from a peaceful, relaxed summer...and explode into school, dance lessons, meetings, planning, volunteering, etc. etc. I need to take a breath before jumping into all of this chaos. I'm mindful of not over-committing myself; I'd rather do a few jobs well rather than mediocre work on many jobs. But it's still tough to jump from "inactivity" into our Fall schedule.

And, of, course, Fall brings good TV back and my DVR and I will have a tight relationship once again. So maybe a couple of weeks of chaos will be worth it. 

Do you get a little overwhelmed when Fall rolls around?

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  1. The girls are adorable! And yes, she looks so much like you. Both of them do! Mine are now both out of the house, and I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I was used to a schedule!!

  2. That picture of you is absolutely adorable! I love it! Your girls are just too cute! I love the new pics!

  3. OMG that picture of you is soo cute! Your girls look just like you. Ballet and jazz, fun! They look adorable in their dance wear. =)

    We're back into the swing of things. Fortunately my youngest daughter is in no extra activities right now and my stepdaughter's piano lessons are now on a night when she's at her mom's, so we don't have to worry about rushing out after dinner on Tuesdays this year. Yay! I'm sure as the school year goes by things are going to come up, but I'm liking the slower start to the Fall this year. And I can't wait to volunteer in my daughter's first grade class! I'm also looking forward to going along when her class does swimming lessons at the end of the month.

    ~ Catie

  4. I love seeing pictures of the girls in their dance and school outfits. It sounds like they are keeping you busy!

    Fall is my worst time for feeling overwhelmed. It's hard to work and also keep up with the house and yard. Right now I'm in survival mode!

  5. Your kid looks really like you.
    I love that old photo of yours.
    it's so lovely!

  6. What a sweet post and I just love that photo comparison of you and your daughter! :)

  7. The picture of you and your daughter are unreal! I love the poses and excitment, you even had a little plaid going on too.

  8. Your daughters are both adorable! I love the picture of you back in the day!

    I don't volunteer at my son's school (as I work during the day), but I do volunteer with his Boy Scout troop, so that's keeping me out of trouble.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The side by side picture is killing me. Those girls have sass! ;)


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