Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delicious Summer Eating (Nest of Posies)

I am so excited to introduce today's guest poster. I've gotten to know her a bit recently, and asked her to stop by and share something fun with you guys while I am away. Kellie from Nest of Posies is going to share a couple of her best summer meal and snack ideas today. And I can wholeheartedly agree with her plug for "pure gold." It really does the trick in your garden!

Please help me welcome Kellie!


hello hello!

I'm thrilled to be here at Amanda's blog! I'm Kellie from Nest of Posies blog and shop. Just like most of you, I'm a mommy, blogger, crafter, and DIYer. Well, at least I try to be all those things. Lately, I'm finding it's hard to be all those adjectives and a mommy too.

So at my blog you'll find a mix of topics. Because I truly believe in blogging about my whole life. The real life stuff. Not just pretty pictures all the time. Because I'm here to tell you, I can't do it all, and life isn't pretty all the time!

I'm probably the only one in blogland that has blogged about true, organic ~ crap!

Yep, that would be me. Remember, I blog about everything, even crap. ;)

My mom calls this crap stuff = Pure Gold!

It will do wonders for any and all of your plants. It will make your flowers bloom and grow like crazy!

Plus, it is so cheap! If you've never used this before, trust me ~ you'll want to give it a try!

To get the full scoop of how I use the Organic Gold click here.

With Summertime fast approaching, I have already given myself a BIG goal.

I want to make easy, good for you, not a lot of time involved meals for my family. Who doesn't, right?

I'm the grumpiest person in the world if I have to turn my oven on during 95* + degree days.

Cereal for dinner, anyone? Yes, I can guarantee I'll be serving up some General Mills a few times this Summer, but truth be told, I feel proud when my family eats well.

So good food is a must this Summer.

Let's just say I could devour this entire salad above in one sitting! I love it that much! Get the full recipe by clicking here.

One of my new discoveries is making FIZZ drinks!

The combinations are endless!

All are low cal and very thirst quenching.

 I keep telling myself, at the next party I throw I will have a FIZZ bar.  With all sorts of fruits, herbs & sparkling waters to add. To get the full deets click here.

I guess most of you can tell where my mind is these days.


I'm ready and waiting. If time allows, I do plan on blogging about our hopefully *easy* days and easy recipes along the way this Summer. I've given myself a few other personal (learning) goals as well.

What about all of you? Are you out for a new adventure this Summer or carefree living? Any of you taking a Summer class? Would love to hear your plans.

Thanks for having me over, Amanda! I hope you all are having a blast at Disney World!!!

Thank you, Kellie!

I just love Kellie's style. Her blog is full of beautiful projects, photos, and ideas. Please head over to Nest of Posies and let Kellie know I sent you!

What's your favorite summer snack?


  1. Those fizz drinks sound like so much fun! I need to go check out her recipe so I can gather all the ingredients!

  2. I love me a big slice of watermelon sprinkled with salt. If you are making a face right now, then you haven't tried it. Salt really brings out the flavor - delish!!

  3. My fav snack is watermelon too!! And Mojitos!! Yes now it is summer...kick off the shoes and sip.'


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