Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Progress on the House Goals for 2011?

I'd love to tell you that my current progress report for this year's House Goals displays a prominent A. Instead I'll give myself a solid D+.

For me, one of the hardest things has been the #1 item on my Goals List, which was "Learn to Love My House."

It's really, really hard to learn to love your house when you're busy playing the "I wish my kitchen was as big as hers" or "I wish we had a basement like they do" game.

It's also hard to learn to love your house when it looks like a giant pigsty. I got a little crazy hosting two blog parties last week, emailing back and forth with some sponsors and blog opportunities, not to mention everything that goes in real life.

If you looked at my house right now (don't worry, I'll totally show you a picture in a minute), you'd think that maybe the tornado warning from yesterday turned into reality for us. It's bad, y'all.

So today is about getting back on track. I've got some clutter to clear, some toys to box up when small people are distracted or sleeping, floors to vacuum, and a nice pile of laundry to put away so I can-um- sit on my couch again. Yeah.

Back to life, back to reality, right?

I'm hoping once I get things straight around here, I can get back on that Road to Success. Because working for success sometimes means getting back up and dusting yourself off when you hit a bump.

{Have you hit any bumps in the road for your 2011 Goals?}

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  1. ha-that's exactly what my couch looks like right now!! i had no desire to fold clothes last night!!

  2. One of the difficulties in house shares is that you don't get the opportunity to pile all of the laundry on the couch. The photo reminded me of some of the happier days of my childhood. And I love the plaid dress.

  3. I give myself a big D-. I have not followed through with any of my goals yet. I've done a few tiny things so I guess that's why it's not a big fat F. :(

  4. Haha... my couch looks like this at least once a week. How four people can go through so many clothes in just a few days is beyond me. I just have to remind myself that even the best of bloggers admit to" staging" their rooms in pictures, especially if they have little ones.

  5. Yeah, I haven't done anything on my list either. I love, love having my laundry upstairs with the bedrooms, but that means that my bedroom looks like your couch much of the time!
    And now I'm totally singing that Soul II Soul song!

  6. Um, yeah. I tend to sink really deep into potholes, and then I'm stuck. I probably need to get my wheels re-aligned! :)

    Thanks for the photo of your couch. It helps to know that I'm not the only one struggling along!

  7. I tagged you! Stop by and check it out if you get a chance. :-)

  8. I get you!
    My to do list is laying on top of my coffee table on top of the magazines, on top of a deck of cards on top of a pair of dirty socks on top of my cellphone on top of a bowl from some buttered popcorn on top of the charging cord for my netbook, on top of a hairbow, on top of a slew of paint samples next to my coffee cup.
    Do you feel better now?

  9. I feel ya girl! It's like you took a picture of my couch to put on your blog! The flu and getting ready for the big consignment sale have sidetracked any progress I wanted to make.

  10. Lol, it seems quite a few people are having this kind of day (week? Month?) lately! Glad to know I'm not alone!!

  11. I didn’t see “and the grass is always greener” – but I guess that’s the same as "I wish my kitchen was as big as hers". So I get it.

    The road can be bumpy. But seriously – you’re a mom – I don’t know how you have time to breathe – much less make a bigger kitchen!!

    Me? No. Every goal I ever have - I succeed at. I never ever fail. Not once.

    This and other fairy tales I'm glad to share with anyone on request:)

    God Bless you and all of yours

  12. My house has been a wreck for the past week. Besides not feeling well, I have also been really busy with life! My couch currently looks like yours except the clothes on my couch aren't folded! They are just piled up getting SUPER wrinkley!

  13. I would say I'm more like a D-

    Don't feel bad.

    My house is also a pig sty, and I keep thinking "tomorrow I'll get in gear".

    Well, here it is 3 o clock, and I'm sitting at the computer. I'm lame.

  14. It's easy to get fooled into thinking that everyone in blogland has a perfect house when you see gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture. My house looks pretty piggy, too. There's a nest of crap around my sofa and hardly a clear spot on the kitchen counters. Oh well. My papers are all graded, so there!

    I hope you had a productive day and that your house now feels orderly.

  15. I have SO MUCH laundry to do...when I see the bottom of the basket, it seems it is filled again that evening!!

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  16. Hey,I have a loveseat that has the same style & color's of your couch,even the pillows! Mine is piled 3 & 4 high of boxes right now from getting products to review. I'd never take a picture of it-too embarassing! Don't beat yourself up it will get done when it gets done.


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