Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Consumerist Highs and Lows

Driving past one of my favorite quick spots to dine and realizing they now have a drive-thru!

This is it!

My chance to grab a delicious Panera Bread mocha without unbuckling and lifting two kids out of the car, herding them across the parking lot like a small flock of geese, corralling them in line, keeping them from licking the glass partition to the baked goods or singing "Jesus Loves Me" at top volume (because lots of people love Jesus too, but maybe they don't love hearing songs about it while they enjoy their breakfast), and getting everyone back out to the car without spilling the mocha.

You can see how the drive-thru would be much speedier than the aforementioned way?

Herding loveable, yet noisy children through the mall on an errand when you see the following sign:

Knowing that said store probably has an expensive high-tech sensor in the doorway that detects and deflects unruly, cracker-covered small children and stay-at-home moms on budgets. Knowing that you will likely spend the majority of your time with your nose pressed against the glass window like a poor British orphan in a silent film.

Am I alone here? Has anyone else recently experienced the highs and lows of the painfully beautiful world of retail?

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  1. Amanda. I love your rendition of getting your mocha when you have to go inside. I remember taking my nephew on errands when he was younger and every little stop was such a production, I wondered how moms did that every day. Now I know - drive through, lol.

  2. LOVING the "Jesus Loves Me" comment....he are soooooooo fun!

  3. Oh my gosh! NO WAY! We soooooo have to make a girl date to go when they open! I'm drooling already... And YAY for panera drive thru! I wish the one in CC would do that too since I work closer to it. :-) Hope you have a happy day!

  4. Oh how I love Panera! The closest one to us with a drive thru is over 100 miles away. Yes, I've checked. I keep hoping they'll open one up! Maybe T should take the girls for a day so you can great yourself to some Coach retail therapy! :)

  5. a panera drive though-so cool-and possibly way too easy and dangerous!

    i try not to even go near the mall with my little ones because i always see something that i'd love to check out but don't dare!

  6. I don't even have a regular Panera near me, let alone at drive-thru! At least we got a d-t Starbucks :D

  7. You are so funny! I love the mental image of Natalie and Michaela Byrd serenading the patrons of Panera. Now if Panera had a fan into which they could sing "Jesus Loves Me," thereby creating cool vibrations with their voices, that would be even better. Right?

    Or maybe the drive-thru is the answer.

    We'll just press our noses against the glass of boutiques together, shall we?

  8. Panera drive thru??? I have never heard of such as thing!!! Love it!

  9. I am seriously going to lodge a complaint with Panera Bread! Where is my drive thru!!!! I love that place. mmmmmm broccoli cheddar soup...

  10. We recently also received the gift of the Panera drive through. The only problem is now they have made it too easy to get that yummy fat and calorie filled drink that I love so much! See I dont really love the taste of coffee so I always have them add extra caramel. Love your blog Amanda! See, I have learned something from your tips on commenting :) Keep it up because you rock!

  11. You are too funny! I just keep picturing Natalie and Michaela's little tongues licking the glass in Panera while strangers watch in horror. Hysterical!

    I have to be desperate for something if I take E anywhere that doesn't have a buggy (cart) for her to sit in! I don't take the stroller anymore so I rarely go to the mall! It's just so much trouble!

  12. I'm a huge fan of Starbucks but I only go to the drivethru. There are so many errands I procrastinate because of the unbuckling, herding, what-if-they-touch-something hassle!

  13. Oh Amanda. My love of Panera runs deep and there isn't one around here for 30 miles. I miss it so. Their iced green tea is my favorite!

    I experience retail highs and lows all the time. I went to Old Navy on Tuesday and felt so pathetic for feeling that everything there seemed expensive...that's a really bad sign for your budget. Old Navy is supposed to be the cheap store!

    Coach is like a far off dream. Oh so much fun to look though...definitely without the children!

  14. Yes, Amanda! I *JUST* wrote a post about a super slick retail location in So. Cal. There was a lot of high end retail where I was just like that British fact, I think *I* was the one licking the glass! Have never tried Panera....don't know if we have them in Tucson. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I just laughed out loud about your description of going into Panera. I can actually link up tomorrow. Woo hoo!

  16. Drive thru Panera?!?! Heaven! We need that in Maryland ASAP!

  17. HI-larious!!

    I was in heaven when we got a drive-thru Starbucks!!
    I don't even bother going to the mall - too much work to wrangle the kids!

  18. Amanda you are so funny!! I can picture your girls singing "Jesus Loves Me" and imagine your face too!!
    The other day went to the mall with both kids AND more!! It is just mission impossible!

  19. Add that to the list of things I had forgotten about the States. You are very funny, and yet I think you're terrible serious about avoiding herding kids. I can't much blame you either.

  20. I am with you on the excitement of a panera drive-thru. I dont believe they have implemented one in my area but I will anxiously await the day they do!

  21. We have a Panera (St Louis Bread Co here in it's birthplace) on nearly every corner, and I can only think of one near me that has a drive-thru, so you're pretty lucky!
    I had to laugh at the thought of the girls licking the glass!

  22. I went to Panera with my youngest two yesterday (inside, no drive thru), with the express purpose of getting myself an orange scone, and the man in front of me BOUGHT ALL OF THE ORANGE SCONES. Ten of them. I had to make do with a cinnamin chip scone. :(

  23. I'm with you!

    We have fabulous sandwich shop here that just put in a drive-thru as well! SOOOO excited!

    Also, the retail highs and lows are something I'm all too familiar with!

  24. I love when that happens!!! :)

    (They have such wonderful French Onion soup, and sandwhiches, and bagels, and the breakfast quiche thing-y...yum!)

  25. A drive through at Panera? Holy Guacamole...I'm so there!! I can smell the bread now...

    I'm right there with you on the Coach Store...feeling your pain, girlfriend.

  26. I just heard about the Coach store in the mall and am already scanning the internet for ocupons! ha! Sounds like a fun MNO for Panera coffee with a touch of Coach shopping :-). Oh, remind me not to take the coffee in the store as I don't think they'd be too happy with me spilling it on the floor like R did the other day at Marshalls :-0

  27. Drive-thrus!!! Gotta love them for sure!! They make life so much easier!!
    I can go shopping by myself little ones to tote along with me. Yippee!!!
    Shopping mall here I come!!
    I have never done Panera...I am going to give them a try.

  28. My local Panera don't have drive-throughs :(


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