Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Make a Silhouette Travel Mug

I promised you guys a Silhouette project, so today I'll show you how I dressed up my travel mug with my Silhouette and some fabric:

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I am a firm believer in accessorizing as often as possible. Why shouldn't my travel mug be cute? What I had going on was definitely not cute.

That "Create Your Own Tumbler" message has been taunting me for several years now. I saw some custom travel mugs embellished with fabric and monograms over the holidays, but the $20 price tag turned me off.

I decided to try my own version with my Silhouette machine and some Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing (the kind that doesn't need to be washed and can be hand stitched). This was the perfect project for me to try--my first time using fabric with the machine!

I started by tracing the mug's template paper onto a piece of white scrapbook cardstock. I used the new template to trace on the back of my fabric with a disappearing ink pen.

Once my base fabric was cut to the size of the template, I laid it aside and cut a new piece of Fabric Interfacing to fit the design I worked up with my Silhouette software. I cut my fabric just a bit larger than the interfacing and ironed them together:

My next step was trimming the fabric down to fit the interfacing, and peeling the backing off to expose the sticky side. I placed the fabric on my thick media mat (with the fabric side up!!), making sure that my fabric stayed in between the green borders.

TIP: If you're planning to use your Silhouette to cut fabric, I recommend purchasing an extra "blade pin" so as not to dull your existing one. I keep mine in it's original packaging when it's not in use:

I was careful to choose the "Double Cut" option before sending my project through to the machine. I wanted to be sure my Silhouette cut the design, but I had nothing to be worried about. Everything cut cleanly and the extra fabric peeled right off!

I ironed my new mug design onto the front of my base fabric and used a sponge brush to lightly glue the entire piece onto my cardstock template:

I let the piece dry for a bit and then gently worked the template back inside of the mug saying bad words when it didn't want to go in at first.

Next time, I'll stitch around the design for some contrast, but my mug is ready to hit the town now...Target, here we come! Not bad for a first attempt with the fabric interfacing.

Verdict? The instructions that came with the interfacing were simple and easy to follow. The interfacing did everything the Silhouette people said it would. Clean, crisp cuts that iron right on. I am a happy camper.

I have another project to show you tomorrow using the Sewable Fabric Interfacing. I made something for the girls and ended up liking it even more!

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Hope you'll tune in tomorrow to see my next project.

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  1. Ahhh! I love this! What a cute gift idea too! Did any of the edges fray a little when it was cut?

  2. That is so cute! And it would make a perfect gift.

  3. You are way too cute!!! I love this. I must say you have mad perfect crafting skills!!!

  4. You kill me, girl with all your wonderful craftiness! This is a great project that will make wonderful teacher gifts and such!!!

  5. Hi Amanda,

    You're temptingly me sorely to get a Silhouette machine of my very own. My husband won't be happy. ;-)

    This looks lovely! I can't wait to see what else you've been up to.


  6. Such a cute cup Amanda! How cool that you can cut fabric with your machine....I don't know if my cricut will do that or not. Maybe I need to figure it out because your project is just too adorable!

  7. CUTE, Amanda! And most definitely yours. My travel mugs always end up getting used by my guys--but I bet if I had one with a pink cup on it it'd be all mine!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your Silhouette!

  8. adorable! that would make a great gift for someone! it looks so cute and springy :)

  9. Wowsa you're crafty!! I'm totally in awe:)

  10. great choice of fabrics! Very cute!

  11. Adorable project! I know that you are going to receive tons of compliments when your friends see you out and about with this cute mug. I adore the fabrics you used!

  12. Love the hot pink fabric! I've got two mugs that I've got to dress up now! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. LOL love that you've had it that way for years, love the new design even more! Great pick on the patterns, heads will turn at the Tar-zjay! ;)

  14. This is really cute! Wouldn't this be a great gift?

    Is the interfacing you used different than ordinary interfacing? I'd love to try it on my Cricut.

  15. So cute! Love the springy colors! Also, thanks a bunch for guest posting. Loved having you!!

  16. Holy freak! That turned out SO cute! I have GOT to get my craft going again!

  17. So clever, and what a great gift idea for coffee-lovers!!

  18. I want one!! How much would you charge ;-)


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