Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping Score of the Week

I'll save all the juicy Hobby Lobby details for later this week, but I had to show you one of my best buys from my little Friday morning shopping foray.
This little garden flag was 50% off of $8.99. I love the slogan, and I didn't have a Halloween flag, so it came home with us.

{Did you have any fabulous shopping scores this week?}

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  1. The flag is so cute! And funny! :) I didn't have any majorly great deals. I got my 10 year old daughter's Halloween costume for $14 at Walmart. It's better than $30. :)

  2. That flag is adorable!! I scored a new with tags J Crew sweater jacket at our local consignment shop. I had to pay $39 for it, which I normally wouldn't do, but it was a perfect fit and the tag said it retailed for $89, so I really had no choice. As my aunt always says, "I couldn't afford not to buy it." :)

  3. Love your flag!
    No great shopping scores here! Sigh!

  4. Cute flag! I found Nike running shorts on sale this weekend for $20 each. I've never before caught them on sale, so that was exciting for me.

  5. That flag is adorable and funny! It seems like it 'fits' you quite well!

  6. Now that is too darn cute! We have a store here called Tuesday Mornings, I wonder if it is the same concept type store? Kind of a mini Marshals. I went to the coast for some shopping with my daughter for a change of pace, it was just a gorgeous day in San Diego, I found 3 mirrors I couldn't pass up for the price. One will go in my daughter's new house for the powder room, and the other two? Who knows, but I love them. My jealous heart can't wait to hear about Hobby Lobby

  7. Too cute! Wish we had Hobby Lobby up here...


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