Friday, September 17, 2010

::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

TGIF...for real, friends!!
First off, is anyone else having issues with Feedburner? For awhile, they were deleting 80% of my subscribers and then replacing them almost every other day. Then they fixed. Now it's broken again. I went from 988 subscribers down to 160 overnight. They have no way to contact them, no help forum, nothing. I am beyond frustrated. A local friend of mine who subscribes says she hasn't received one of my posts in several days. Am I the only frustrated Blogger out there?

It has been a long week, and I'm ready for a little break. When I'll get it, I don't know. We have three (!) birthday parties to attend this weekend. I love socializing, but I think I might need a nap by Sunday evening. I signed up as an Independent Consultant with Blessings Unlimited on Wednesday night (more on that another time), and I'm already getting slightly stressed trying to plan my first Girls' Get-Together. Add to that preschool, ballet, and MOPS commitments, and I need a spa day or something! {wink}

{What are you up to this weekend?}

Today is the fun day where I share a few of my favorite posts from around Blogland this week, and you get to link up the best post from your own blog this week.

All I ask is that you please include my party button (code is below) or a link back to me within your post.

Here are some of this week's faves:

~Check out Staci's take on Cupcakes in a Jar. She went all literal with cup-cakes. Love it!

~I fell hard for Courtney's Inexpensive Autumn Decorating Idea.

~Stephanie showcased a lovely Pantry Subway Art Project.

~Jennifer posted some pictures of her grandmother's Miniature Village. The details are absolutely stunning!

~And me? This week I bid an old friend good-bye and welcomed The Replacement. I can see myself Falling for Autumn, especially since it was Back in the Saddle Again for Natalie as she headed back to preschool. And I'm still mulling over carpet cleaning options due to The Ugly House Guest.

Now it's your turn! Let me know if you need help getting your link to appear.

Here's the button code if you'd prefer to use that instead of a link-back:
Weekend Bloggy Reading

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  1. sorry you're having some feedburner issues-hope it's cleared up soon! have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for hosting again!!! Isn't that miniature city amazing!!! I don'thave all those frames but I have tons of pretty paper and a printer. I think I can come up with something. How pretty is that??? Maybe I can do a banner version and string up the letters.

  3. Thanks for hosting again!!! Isn't that miniature city amazing!!! I don'thave all those frames but I have tons of pretty paper and a printer. I think I can come up with something. How pretty is that??? Maybe I can do a banner version and string up the letters.

  4. Thanks for hosting!! Linking up my maps!

  5. Amanda, you poor thing! What a week you have had!!! Talk about action packed!

    Your daughter is so adorable!!! I loved reading about her first day back in pre-school. Can't wait to hear about your new "Blessings" business!!

    I visited the blog w/the Autumn frames post and I am SOOOO excited!!!! I have been looking for something unique to put above our bed and I think I have found it! I am considering using different words though...but my creative juices are flowing this morning! Thank you!!!

    I tried to get my blog post linked up 3 times this morning but it seems to now want me in the party! :-(

    Can you help me!!!

  6. Oops! Forget to give you the link! Thanks again!

  7. I hate when so many birthday party end up on the same weekend. It makes for cranky kids and tired parents...or the other way around:)That Autumn decorating idea is adorable...thanks for sharing the link!

  8. Congrats on your new gig! I hope it's fun and successful. I've never heard of it but they have some cute stuff that reminds me of the Southern Living @ Home stuff. Have a good weekend!

  9. You are one busy girl! Good luck with it all. Feedburner is always giving me fits! I hope you can take a nice, long nap this weekend!!

  10. Wow you've got a busy weekend! I just went to a 6 year old's birthday last weekend who I babysit was tiring but so much fun! The girls were simply adorable. Thanks for hosting every week! I really enjoy looking at everyone's projects (:


  11. Oh my gosh! I *need* to make that autumn sign in the pic frames! LOVE IT! I'm sorry you've been having trouble w/ the feedburner :-( Hopefully it miraculously starts working again. I've been getting all your posts just fine. Have a great weekend! I'll be launching the shop & new blog tomorrow so stay tuned!!!! :-D

  12. I love your weekly roundup! That's so frustrating about feedburner. I am a follower so no problems for me. My link wouldn't work when I tried to link up and I know you're swamped so if you don't get to posting it, no worries!!

  13. Thanks for the mention...I just tried to link up that exact post. Not sure if it worked :)

    Off to check out some posts!!

  14. Hey girl!

    How exciting about your being a Blessings consultant! Did you see that Nester mentioned it on her post today? What does a consultant do?

    One of these days I'm going to have a post to link up to your WBR again. The past couple of weeks I feel like I haven't had much to show!

    Good luck with your multiple parties. If I were you, I'd take my spa day AFTER the parties! :)

  15. :( I tried twice to link up my Twilight Thursday post from this week and it didn't take...

    Maybe you will have better luck...if not, I will try again later!


  16. You have been a busy girl! Three birthday parties in one weekend is a lot of partying. I hope you can relax a bit (maybe with one of those Walmart wine coolers) this evening.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your new business. It will be a fun way to meet new people and make some money, too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. That sucks about feed burner! I wonder if I am having problems and don't know? I better look into it.

  18. Got your button now :) I just forgot when it wouldn't post my link...sorry!

  19. Better late than never right? My Friday was CRAZY! I didn't even get to post. Thanks for hosting! On my way to check out the links. Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  20. I had some big issues with Feedburner last month. The same thing was happening over and over again. Eventually it got fixed and now has been fine for a few weeks.

    Have fun at your birthday parties this weekend!!


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