Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Thrifty Treasures

The girls love going to the drive-thru window at the bank with me because they have perfected the art of cherubic smiles paired with a syrupy-sweet request for a lollipop. We made a deposit yesterday, and the girls were just attacking their lollipops when I noticed a sign for a yard sale in the "high end" neighborhood bordering the local university.

Well, of course we stopped by.

The girls made themselves right at home in two child-size lawn chairs (abandoned by the homeowners' children) while I eyed a box full of old Nancy Drew mysteries. Sadly, the owner was asking 10 whole dollars per copy, which I felt was better suited to eBay prices.

We did end up bringing two items home with us:

Alexandra Ripley's Scarlett, which is the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's epic Gone with the Wind.
I always wanted to knock Scarlett over the head and tell her to forget Ashley Wilkes and patch things up with Rhett. I've probably read Gone with the Wind 15 times (no kidding), and although Mitchell ends the novel hanging, it is still fairly satisfactory. So I'm not sure how I'll feel about Scarlett. Imposter?

Doesn't hurt that I imagine Rhett looking as dashing as Clark Gable...

Anyways, this book is thick and it's a hardcover, but the seller only charged me $1. I wonder if that doesn't bode well for Scarlett?

My other find was this pretty glass bedside carafe.
It was $3, but I saw a similar one in a home party catalog recently for $35. Plus, it has my monogram, see?

I always keep a glass of water on my nightstand, so it was meant to be, really.

Not a bad way to end summer...lollipops and thrifty treasures. Doesn't get much better than that.

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  1. Hi Amanda! lol My daughter had that lollipop smile down to a fine art, too! The funny thing is that one of our McDonald's gives doggie biscuits and the granddog Paco has perfected his smile, too! Seriously....a smiling chihuahua! I read Scarlett years ago and remember enjoying it, but you just have to think of it as a separate entity. It's not a classic, but not bad. Love your bedside water decanter...and with your monogram, too! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. My favorite movie of all time. GWTW. I've also read the book many times. I too read your find. I'll let you be the judge.

  3. Hey girl! I added you to the 2nd one-- so sorry I missed it the first time! That's what I get for late night blogging! I didn't use any special packing tape!! And it's been over a week and it hasn't moved at all so I don't know-- maybe I don't have to change it! It's pretty heavy so I can't believe it has stayed. I'll let you know when I come home to flowers all over the porch! :-)

  4. Bummer on the Nancy Drew books! I agree, over priced. Glad you had a fun day!

  5. Yes, ma'am, I'd say it was meant to be!

    One question for you: does the teller just give a lollipop to the kids, or do the mamas get one too? I could probably put on a syrupy smile for a lollipop! :)

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  6. Love the carafe! Let us know what you think of Scarlett.

  7. I too read Scarlett quite a few years ago but I really liked it then. Like Confessions said, it isn't the classic that Gone with the Wind is BUT with that said, it gives you more resolution to the story. A worthy read!! Enjoy!

  8. Awesome treasures! I NEVER stumble across anything with my monogram. Weird, huh?

  9. Hi Amanda!

    I love the water carafe with glass, how lucky is that to have your initial on it!

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting on my bedroom update.

    Mel @ Junkin' Junky

  10. the 'A' carafe was just meant to be for you! I have thought about buying that one in the Southern living at home catalog but couldn't justify spending that much and my kids would probably break it.

  11. That's a wonderful carafe. My grandchildren love to go through the bank drive-thru, too. The older one is always telling the younger one to sit up, so the teller can tell that there are two of them for suckers! Enjoy your week. Sally

  12. Thanks for coming by! The caraffe was a score. I can't resist anything with my initials.

    I agree, the books were overpriced and I felt the same about Scarlett. Too bad the author died while she began writing the sequel. I was hoping Scarlett would go after Rhett.

    I'll be following and checking back with you soon!


  13. Oh, I love that carafe. I would love one of those in the guest room.

  14. I read "Scarlet" a long, long time ago. I'll be that my mom still has that book packed away.

    I love your carafe and you got a great deal on it!

  15. 7th grade read the whole over 1000 page book. Did you see that Bonnie Blue passed away last week. One of my top ten movies!

  16. Love the caraffe! (spelling?) I have one too that I got at Tuesday Morning - you put only ice in it when you go to bed so that when you wake up in the night it's melted and you can pour it in the glass! Genius!

  17. I love the water carafe--the book was also a great find!

  18. That is one of my favorite books along with GWTW!!! I reread them all the time! I have hard copies and softcovers!

  19. I love the sequel to GWTW. I felt like I was learning about the characters all over again. It's one of my all time favorite movies.

  20. I vaguely remember watching a made for TV version of Scarlett a *few* years back. It's quite the twist of events but ends just how you'd expect! :) I hope you enjoy it!


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