Monday, September 13, 2010

The Replacement

Dear Old Microwave,
It's been 9 years. You've had a good run. But I find your recent groaning noises, flashes of light, and the vague wisps of smoke coming from your interior slightly troubling. And the unsightly clutter that surrounded you was off-putting. I think it's safe to say that it's time to move on. Your replacement has a lot to live up to. I'm not sure she'll heat up leftovers quite the way you did, but we're willing to take that chance. Good luck with your future endeavors.
Love, Amanda

So we got a new microwave on Friday. I was beginning to fear for my life, and every time I used it, I envisioned a Lifetime movie being made out of my story. "Girl Goes Blind from Microwave Explosion. Loses Eyesight and Blog." I would be played by some B-list actress, but Arnold Schwarzenegger would come out of acting retirement to play T. Because he would want it that way.

I gave the new guy an inaugural run. It seemed only fitting that a mocha latte make that first trip.
Hope your week is off to a beautiful start. Preschool (finally!!) starts back today, and nothing could be more beautiful than that.

Except maybe a new microwave.

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  1. I think a mocha latte christening is only appropriate! :)

  2. Ahhh, with the kids back in the school, and warmin' up a fresh is good isn't it? Yup, it's the simple things that excite me too!

    Finding Fabulous

  3. Yay for a new microwave. I need one too. Mine is old but thankfully still works well.

  4. Ha, ha, You truly are too funny.

    Hope your daughter has a great day at Pre-school.

    Have a great day.


  5. The beginning of school IS a beautiful thing!

    We never really think about how much we rely/love an appliance until it goes on the brink. I'm glad you're enjoying your new microwave.

    Have a great Monday! =)

  6. so funny!!!
    I have a few household appliances I'd like to say 'adios' to!!

  7. Replacing a microwave that does that kinda stuff does seem the smart thing to do. Cause really, nobody watches those Lifetime movies anymore...not me. nope. never...

    So what are you and MB gonna do to celebrate the day together?

  8. I think anything new is kind of fun - so, yeah!

  9. Happy first day of preschool! Yeah, flashing and smoking microwaves need to be retired.

  10. This is a crack up! Hope your daughters first day of pre-school goes great!

  11. You have such a great sense of humor, Amanda!!! You crack me up!!! I love having a giggle in the morning when I visit you!!! hehehehehe

    I hope you enjoy your new microwave...flashing lights, smoke, and groaning are all great reasons to replace the poor thing...did you give it a funeral...LOL Couldn't resist asking!

    Hey-Amanda...if you have minute stop by my blog today
    ...there is a giveaway going on that will be drawn at 10:00pm tonight and NO ONE has entered yet!!! :(

    See...the giggle you gave me was really needed! "See" you soon!

    Mary Joy

  12. too funny! i need a new micro too-our tray has stopped turning and it's burning our popcorn!

  13. You're too funny! Congrats on the new microwave and on preschool starting.

  14. I'd say nine years is a good life term for a small appliance. May she rest in peace.

    Would've been fun to see T played by Arnold, but I've gotta say I'm glad that you didn't endure the horror that would have earned your family the film rights.

    Hip, Hip, Hooray for preschool!!!

  15. It must be that time of the year for appliances to just konk out. Our washer broke a couple days before we left for Greece. Lucky you, you got the cheap one to replace!

  16. hehe, love the christening. Glad you have a nice new microwave. =)

  17. 9 years for a microwave sounds pretty reasonable to me. I wonder what the cost per use would be if you could calculate it? Probably not much.

    I hope that Natalie had a great day at preschool. I'm looking forward to seeing her outfit!!


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