Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Yard Sale Nirvana

What do you get when you add a morning of kid-free girl time + some major bargains + a delicious café mocha?

Yard Sale Nirvana!

My friend Christy and I hit the road at 7:15 yesterday morning.

By ourselves.

That's probably the earliest I've been able to go out yard saling because it is nigh impossible to get two little girls out of bed, fed, dressed, and packed up to leave the house at that time.

Our first stop was convenient because it was just up the street from my house. Christy found a lovely white wrought iron twin bedframe for $5, and I scored a pair of Sleeping Beauty dress-up shoes for $0.50.
We already have an identical pair, but I am weary of the daily shrieks and warmongering that occur in our house because of said pair of shoes. Having two pairs will greatly reduce my stress level and possibly keep my children from clobbering each other.

Two large neighborhoods on my side of town were hosting community-wide yard sales, so after hitting the Starbucks drive-through (thank you, Christy!!), we headed to the first neighborhood and were not disappointed.

I found a vintage apron for $1.00

Christy scored a $7 vintage golf club bag for her husband and an adorable toddler-size Crayola roller suitcase for $3.

At the next neighborhood, I happened upon a cutesy Gymboree zebra-striped dress for Natalie ($1), a pair of shorts for $0.10 and a cupcake t-shirt for $0.25.

I also grabbed a Martha Stewart book for $0.50 and a white platter for $0.50.
I'm hunting for different shaped white plates and platters for a wall in my Kitchen. I thought I discovered a really unique one at a church sale, but Christy and I decided it was too creamy looking to be white.

My grand total for a morning full of bargain hunting?

$3.35...not bad! We were able to shop sooo many more sales because we weren't having to get kids in and out of car seats, hand out Goldfish crackers, and remind tiny people to keep their sticky little fingers to themselves.

If you like checking out other people's best bargains, head over to visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for her Thrifty Treasures party. It's loads of fun!

In Other News:
Don't forget to enter the RJ Charms's open until 5 pm (ET) today!

In case you missed it, I posted the topic for May's Dishing It! Party this morning. I hope you'll consider linking up this week, get to know some other bloggers, and maybe find a new Follower or two!

Aaaand...the winner of the Giveaway from Inspired Boutique is Carmen from Life with Sprinkles on Top. (Please email me soon, Carmen, so I can get you in touch with Micah-Noel.)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!
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  1. Great finds! I remember those days when mine was little. I luv that apron and that little dress is so precious. I luv finding a bargin. isnt it just the best ever!

  2. Love the apron! Looks like you found some awesome things - and spent more on Starbucks than the treasures. LOL

  3. Great deals! I really like that vintage apron...too cute!


  4. wow Amanda, you got some great bargains! Love the little gymboree dress

  5. Nothing I like better than some fun yard sale scores. :)

    And what??!! I actually won something? Yippee!!!!

  6. Great finds!!! I love going to yard sales. I wish it would stop snowing so people would start having them. So fun!!!!


  7. Woot!! What a successful yard sale day for you both!!
    Love the Cinderella shoes.

  8. Sounds like fun especially being able to do so without children. I haven't been to yard sales in quite sometime. Fabulous scores.

  9. Love the platter! about that cream platter you passed up - don't forget you can spray paint it white! :)

  10. Now how stinking cute is that vintage apron. It's so 50's martini lounge!!! Love the little zebra dress too. Oh to be little again. ;-)

  11. Hey, 1st in line girl! Cute stuff for the kiddos! Glad you got to go solo this week, that has to be so much more fun. And a drive thru Starbucks is always fun. Love what you found.

  12. I saw so many yard sales I wanted to stop at yesterday but we were on the way to a softball game! Glad you had fun-love the platter but the shoes would have been the hit at our house!

  13. ummm, I want those shoes....for me! Oh yes, with having raised 3 daughters I understand why having a 2nd pair will really ease the stress level! :)

    Darling clothes and cute thrifting buddy!


  14. Love the white platter! I am starting a collection of white dishes too - I'll have to start hitting the garage sales and hopefully find some good deals like you did! Totally loving the apron, too.


  15. I bought a new apron this weekend, too! Although, mine isn't cool and vintage, and it wasn't a great deal - but it still makes me happy.

    We need an apron party :)

  16. I just love the apron and zebra dress too cute!!!

  17. Wow! $3.35? That's crazy! That zebra dress is too cute. I can't believe it is already time for another dishing it! Yay!

  18. You had a very successful morning. I love your vintage apron. The graphics on it are too cute! I think I have that Martha book (it was Granny's). I always enjoy looking through a book like that. You got a lot of good stuff for a small amount of money.

  19. I found your blog and its super cute! :) erin

  20. Noting better than coffee, kid free, yard saling!! Good for you I bet it was awesome.

  21. Hi Amanda!
    You found some really great things! My jaw dropped when I saw your vintage apron…..that is just too cute and you can’t beat the price. I love the fun print on it! And I’m all over anything Martha….just love her!
    Happy I found your blog. I’m going to take a peek and see what I missed.

    New follower,
    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  22. How smart! You spent just $3.35 to have a wonderful morning with a friend and get such cute stuff. Genius!

  23. Woohoo! Great loot you scored! We went yard saling for the 1st time together w/ my mom & aunt. Wow, that in itself was a trip but we got SO many great things & my aunt taught me how to bargin w/ the sellers. :-) I'm planning a post to put up this week w/ TONS of pictures. :-D

  24. What a cute little apron! And the kiddy clothes are adorable!

  25. Woo hoo! Now that's what I call bargain shopping!

  26. Mmmm garage sales! Love em! I scored some great deals this weekend :)

    Found you through one9designs :)


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