Thursday, May 27, 2010

Schoooool's Out for Summer!

Yesterday was the last day of preschool before summer vacation....Excuse me while I go medicate myself.

The Young 4s Class celebrated (or maybe it was just the teachers who celebrated while the moms wept quietly in the parking lot) with a picnic lunch, decorated visors, popsicles, and chasing bubbles on the school lawn.

Here's Natalie and one of her besties, B. I am certain this pair made sure their teachers were on their toes this year.

Luckily, siblings were invited, and Michaela Byrd and R (B's little brother) made themselves right at home.

My friend Christy (from I {Heart} New York}) is B and R's mama, and she thinks he may be trying to woo her.

But she only had eyes for the popsicles.

Until it fell on the ground and she got dirt stuck to her hands and feet. R seemed indifferent.
I'll let you know if it works out for them.

I am really going to miss these two ladies this summer:
Two days a week, from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm, these wonderful, patient, kind preschool teachers manage to corral a handful of four year olds and actually impart knowledge upon them. It's amazing.

It also gave me a chance to go to Target with only one kid, which is about as close to heaven as I can get these days.

So, besides going to Target, I do have a few things up my sleeve for ways to keep my girlies busy this summer. One of these days, I'll repost/edit something I did last year with thrifty summer activities for kids.

So for now, I'll ask you...what do you like to do to stay active but still have fun during the summer?

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  1. I can see why he may be trying to woo Michaela. . . that girl is so pretty! She looks amazingly like her mama.

    Today is my guys' last day of school, too. Oh, golly. As much as I love my children, I am grateful for the quiet in the house during the school year. And my boys are not even at "needy" ages!

    I'm wondering. . . do people blog MORE or LESS during the summer? I can imagine lots of moms using their blogs as kind of an escape. But I'm guessing that a lot of us will have less time to devote to blogging. Which will it be for you?

  2. Pop-cycle in the plate idea=COOL!!!
    Summer time momma! Yayyy!

  3. such cute pictures. I've yet to know the joys of 'summer' (my little ones are just 2 and 4). My 4 year old will be starting preschool this fall - if I can let him :)
    Enjoy many trips to Target :)

  4. Goodbye sweet silence! I hate to take both of the girls shopping, Taylor never wants to sit in the basket, Kielyn is always wanting to drive the basket and we are always running into/over something! Someone always has to potty and what should take 10 minutes take 45 minutes! Good luck!

  5. From Pre-K teacher to Mommy... enjoy your summer with your sweet babies! I just wrote about this same thing today.

  6. What cuties you have! :) My kiddos will be out of school in another week & 1/2, and I'm gearing up for a long summer! LOL!! Here's to keeping some of that Serenity going through Summertime!

  7. Praying for ya! I have until the 8th to enjoy my days...ha! I LOVE the idea of a popsicle in the plate - brilliant!

  8. Today is our last day of school, too, so I've been frantically trying to get as much work done as possible while I still have a little peace and quiet in the house.

    I'll never forget telling another mom on the last day of preschool when my son was little that I was dreading the summer break. He was still an only child at that point, and I was his only playmate. No kids in our neighborhood or anything. She turned her nose up at me and said, "I've never been one of THOSE kinds of mothers. I like having my children at home with me."

    So I laughed out loud when you mentioned the moms weeping in the parking lot. That would've been me, for sure!

    One thing I am looking forward to is the lazy mornings. I'm hoping the kids let me sleep in a little tomorrow... :)

  9. Nice try with the paper plate popsicle drip catchers! ;)
    We're done with school next Wed. Sigh. I do love the peace and quiet.

  10. Great minds must be thinking alike today. That was the topic of my blog today. Check it out:

  11. My kiddo will be in camp all summer where they'll swim every day and do lots of crafts etc. We have a few family getaways planned and that's about it. I'll be SO relieved to not be rushing to get her to school before the bell rings for 3 whole months!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend Amanda!

  12. Tuesday was our last day of preschool, and I'm going to miss my one kid grocery store runs. I need to start thinking of some good ways to keep Jax busy. Haven't quite gotten there yet. Can't wait to hear your ideas!

  13. So cute! Our last day of preschool is tomorrow and then the rest of my kids get out next week. I can't wait! It's been crazy lately!


  14. We hit the pool almost every day! In fact we're still in school right now and having swim and diving practive every day after school! Fun, Fun!!

    Hey, come check out my guest blogger today, then read the comments. Just a little bloggy drama! I'd love your input!

  15. Your girls are sooo stinkin' cute! Yes, thank the Lord for preschool teachers everywhere! It's amazing how peaceful a trip to Target is with one isn't it?

    We have one more week of school and there is some kind of awards assembly or end of school party or something every stinkin' day, but I will savor every minute of next week because after Thursday...they'll all be home with me. ALL DAY LONG! UGH! I've called the crazy house and I have a standing reservation. I'm sure I'll be staying there full time by 4th of July!

    As for summer fun, I have nothing planned. Popsicles and sprinklers and trampolines and lots of outside time and trips to the lake on the weekend. That's pretty much it.

  16. Can you believe that it's time for school to be out? I can't! Are you joining the pool again this year? That had to be fun for the girls plus a social opportunity for you. You'll have to arrange lots of play dates to keep your two girlies busy!

  17. oh your little girl is so darn cute!!!


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