Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Guesses...

I'll give you two guesses to figure out where I'm going tonight!
Ev'rybody Wang Chung Tonight, Y'all!

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  1. see Hairspray? Or some kind of 80's themed party?

  2. I can totally smell that right now! Oh, the memories! Especially with that song you have to be going to a party and wearing neon and super high teased, hair sprayed hair! You better take pictures!

  3. My granny used Aqua Net, so I can totally smell the smell, too! Do tell, girl!


  4. 80's Party!!!! I am so jealous if that is where you are going. I still wish I would have been a teenager in the 80's and not born in the 80's! Have fun :)

  5. It's got to be an 80's party! Style up that big hair, put on some neon, and have a good time.

  6. Big hair and mirror balls??? What ever it are going to have a blast!!

  7. Oh, I so love the 80's!!! I'm sure it'll be fun whatever it is. Take plenty of pictures. Are you wearing acid wash jeans? Madonna lace gloves and tulle bow? off-the-shoulder-Flashdance-style neon sweatshirt? Again, I love the 80's!


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