Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mississippi Mud

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to stop by and leave such kind comments for my guest posters while I was away. I'm taking some more time this week to finish unpacking from our little trip and get a few things done around the house. But now that I have internet access again (can I get an Amen?!), I'll have time to do some visiting around. If you like looking cute, then today's post is for you! {wink}

Y'all may have noticed a few new friends over in my Sponsors section. I want to introduce you to the very talented Sarah, from the fabulous Etsy shop, Mississippi Mud. 

When I first browsed the shop, the jewelry lover in me was elated. Sparkle, texture, color, shine, and UNIQUE are words that come to mind when I think of Sarah's designs. 

I love how Sarah describes her shop's style: "If your everyday look is a great-fitting pair of jeans, a simple shirt, funky flats and accessories, then borrow my shoes and buy my accessories! Now pull your hair back, put on a pair of my dangly earrings, switch to stilettos, and let's meet out for a glass of wine and girl talk!

If you're in the mood for a little more girl talk, you can also find Sarah blogging at the Mississippi Mud blog

Sarah has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember, and her experience in crafting friendship bracelets (remember those?!) surely must have come in helpful as she managed an upscale yarn store in North Carolina for 5 years. After becoming an Army wife and moving with her new husband to Kentucky, Sarah had the perfect opportunity to work on creating her own accessories line, opening her Etsy shop, and selling her wares in the Museum of Art and Craft in downtown Louisville.  

Mississippi Mud is home to the "Baby Momma Necklace," which despite its name, is a marvelous accessory for anyone who likes jewelry. 
It just happens to be kid-friendly and fashionable...I don't know many moms who would turn their noses up at that! Inspired by the Lanvin collection, the Baby Momma Necklace can be tied short or long, and comes in just about any color on the color wheel!

My favorite items in the shop? The Gnarled Nest Wire Knit Bracelet and Necklace (yes, she really does crochet that wire herself!):
Need another excuse to visit the shop?
(That one had "late Easter gift to myself" written all over it!)

If you shop at Mississippi Mud between now and April 14th, Sarah is offering 15% off to all readers who type in "Amanda" at checkout. 

Come back on the 22nd for a great Mississippi Mud Giveaway!

{Happy Shopping!}
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  1. Oooh, she has some amazing pieces, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful stuff! And I love the name!

  3. What wonderful jewelry and a great name for the shop!!
    Thanks for the introduction

  4. Thank you for the introduction. It's so nice when a trusted blogger friend introduces a vendor. . . I for one would probably have never found this shop on my own, and I think her merchandise is beautiful!

  5. So cute! I am lovin the Baby Momma necklace. PRECIOUS! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  6. Lovely pieces...and I'll take those blue earrings...stunning! :)

  7. That crocheted wire is amazing! What an incredible talent she has.


  8. Thanks Amanda for the great introduction, and thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I love designing, playing with beads and making jewelry and it makes me happy when other people enjoy it too! Thanks again everyone :-)

  9. Oh! Very cute stuff! Thanks for letting us know about her Amanda.



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