Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's Feature Favorites {Weekend Bloggy Reading}

Before I share my favorite posts from around Blogland this week, I want to thank those of you who took time to link up and comment...not only on my 5 Reasons Why My Blog Rocks post, but on the other links as well. Big smile!

I was really and truly impressed by the way you all took the time to thoughtfully comment on the other entries. Thank you.

I think the party touched a nerve with many women bloggers. As Pam from Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful put it, women are "generally taught at a pretty young age that it's not nice to brag, and while men seem to learn the difference between bragging and self-promotion, most women I know (myself included) can't even take a compliment! I guess we think we'll seem full of ourselves if we just say "thank you" when someone says something nice about us?"

I know it was probably hard to post 5 nice things about your took me almost an hour to do it. 

But don't you feel better?? I spend too much time berating myself. It was time to think of some positive things to counteract all the negative talk inside my head. Thank you for joining me...I hope it was a therapeutic party for you too.

So instead of focusing on my blog today, I'm going to hand it over to some posts I found this week that I think rock. Enjoy!

~A wonderful post with links to articles on How to Improve Your Blog over at Amy's Finer Things. There were some great links within links there. A few conflicting tips, but overall worth a read if you are new to blogging!

~ I just love Nancy's fabulous applique pillow.

~Beth decorated a trash can and got a lesson in grace.

~Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful had some fun with her Cricut and dressed her house up for Valentine's Day!

~Holly cracked the case! Pottery Barn has been copying bloggers...not the other way around!

~Pam made a clever footstool, using (in her own words) trash over at Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful

What do you have planned for this weekend? (besides reading these amazing posts, of course!)

We're going to try to stay warm with a blizzard heading our way.

{Have a wonderful weekend, my wonderful readers!}
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  1. I am here by way of Keetha. I really hate that I missed yesterday's blog party. What a fun idea!

    Thanks for all of the links - I'm going to check some of them out now!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Amanda, thank you so much for featuring my pillow...that's so sweet of you! Yours is one of my fave blogs; your parties are fun and you share neat tips and ideas. With the parties, I'm able to get a chance to see so many other neat blogs I wouldn't ordinarily run across and then I gather more useful decorating info. It's funny, I feel soooo guilty! I feel like I should be paying so many bloggers for their help. At my age (old enough to be your mama), I've learned a lot about decorating, although I have a long way to go! My style has changed a lot, and I'm loving it. Thanks again for everything!


  3. I'm soooo sorry that I missed the party...but I'm going to check it out! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  4. Looks like you found some great reading... thanks for passing them along! :) Perfect way to spend a snowy weekend!

  5. Hi Amanda, Sorry I didn't participate in your party. I honestly couldn't think of 5 reasons my blog rocks! LOL! Love your newest post and all those great links for more fun bloggy stuff.

    My daughter and I are going bridal gown shopping for her tomorrow! :)
    The fun begins!! Your day will come ~~ a long, long time from now!


  6. Amanda! What a fun gathering of good ideas!

    Are you really supposed to get as much snow as i've heard? But, of course, you have a big strong husband to take care of things out in the snow, right?

    Bless. your. heart.

    You will make it. You will be fine. You will be tired, but you will be fine. You know how people tell you that you're a strong woman? There's going to be no doubt after these couple of weeks you're having!

    Take care!

  7. Stay safe & warm this weekend! I have to head home in this stuff after work, say a prayer I make it ok :-/

  8. I'm sorry I missed the blog party! Had some things happen that kept me from joining in!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Loved the pictures! very nice things!

    Not many plans for the weekend here.... There is some event/dinner or something like that from Hubby's job tomorrow so I guess that's just it...

    Happy Friday!

  10. Hey, thanks for linking to me!
    Your party inspired me to make some changes over at my blog...

  11. That pillow is tres chic. I wonder if I could make one like it?? :)

  12. Yesterday's party was so great Amanda!

    I met some great new ladies, and found some really great new blogs to start reading...thanks!

    This weekend I am helping to throw a baby shower for one of my dear friends who has just adopted a baby girl afte 9 years of trying to become a mother!

  13. I loved clicking through the links from your blog party and now have even more blogs to enjoy.

    Are you snowed in? It snowed all day here on Friday. I may never go back to school!

  14. I want that applique pillow! It's darling.

  15. Thanks so much for featuring me, Amanda! Your party was really fun- it was great to get to know some other great ladies! I hope you guys are surviving the snow! How's T doing?

  16. Oh, I love that piece Holly did about Pottery Barn. They're so busted! {I do love PB, though.}


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