Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thrifty Treasures: Deals and Dresses to Impress

What time is it?

It's Thrifty Treaures time! If you enjoy the thrill of a bargain hunt, then Rhoda's weekly blog party is the thing for you. Visit Southern Hospitality to see all the fun.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I scored last Thursday at a local consignment sale for children's clothes. I like for my girls to look "put together" (when they're not choosing "ball gowns" out of our dress-up trunk), and I usually make the bulk of their wardrobes up from consignment sales. In an effort to be more frugal, I just can't run into Gymboree and blow $45 on a sweater and skirt when I can find something just as cute (and 14 other kids at Sunday School won't have the same outfit) at a consignment sale or EVEN a yard sale!

To prove that you can find more than vintage Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts at a yard sale, I thought I'd share my finds from this Saturday. One of the high schools in my area hosted a Mothers of Mutiples yard sale in their foyer, and I made sure we were there bright and early when it opened at 8 am.

{Side note: This is after I lost ANOTHER patio set at a sale in my neighborhood at 6:15 in the morning. They say that "the early bird gets the worm." I think it should be rephrased to read "the earlier bird gets the worm." I've lost two patio sets now by mere minutes. So frustrating!}

This indoor yard sale wasn't particularly impressive in quantity of merchandise, but their prices were fabulous!

The little black velvet pant suit was $1.50 and has cute little silver hearts on the chest. I was most excited about the red and green scottie dog Christmas dress. I've got a thing for Scottie dogs. It was $3.00 and in pretty perfect condition.

The best part? I have the same dress in the closet for Michaela Byrd in a size 24 m. It's a hand-me-down from they can match on Christmas Eve!! $3.00 for an adorable holiday dress? I'm sold!
Look at that sweet little detail with the tiny printed scotties.

Aqua plaid knickers: $1.50

Jean skirt: $0.75

Pink turtle neck: $0.75 (will look super-cute under some of her sweaters)

Black, white, and red plaid skirt: $0.75

These are all great preschool outfits!

Last, but not least...a set of canisters for $2.00. I have a bunch of flour now that I'm baking bread, and I needed some extra storage in my pantry so stuff isn't falling out all over the place.

The neat thing about my consignment/yard sale clothes for the girls is that while they might not always be the cutest on their own, I can make a really cute outfit by mixing and matching or using (and making!) accessories at home. That Christmas dress will be adorable with Natalie's black Mary Janes and a beautiful big hairbow that I can try to make at home.

What did you find this weekend?
*Don't forget the Decorating Dilemmas Party on September 9th. The last one was a blast with a very good turn out.
If you didn't have a chance to stop by the first time, this is a party for bloggers to link up with any challenges they have in or around their homes (decorating, crafts, organizing, gardening, construction). Your dilemma can be anything from "Help! My son drew on my walls in permanent marker and I don't know how to cover it up" to "What color should I paint my coffee table?" I also love it when people have great solutions to share. This party is all about being real and helping out our bloggy friends. We're going to have a blast, and yes--there WILL be another Giveaway!

You can click here to see the entries from the last party. Hope to see you there!
{Happy Thrifting!}

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  1. Great deals on the clothes! They're so cute.

  2. What wonderful finds, Amanda! I love it that you will have matching dresses for the girls for Christmas!! How cute! And you are right about Gymboree. I only look in the sale corner for my grandsons. And sometimes, even then...yikes! Happy week!...Debbie

  3. Please try the green smoothie and then let me know what you think. Since you're new, you may want to use 2 apples (or whatever other fruit you like)to sweeten it even more. I hope you like it and see results.

  4. Love the Xmas dress....

    I have a Mikaila too! My mom in law has started collecting different ways to spell her name, she is up to 11, I think.

  5. Love the Xmas dress....

    I have a Mikaila too! My mom in law has started collecting different ways to spell her name, she is up to 11, I think.

  6. Love the Xmas dress....

    I have a Mikaila too! My mom in law has started collecting different ways to spell her name, she is up to 11, I think.

  7. Such cute clothes and you will find the "perfect" patio set soon.

  8. Cute clothes! Bummer about the patio sets... Have a nice week...

  9. I used to dress my oldest daughter almost exclusively from the consignment shop or Old Navy markdown daughter always looked terrific. That particular shop made me wish that I had another baby as there was a customer that came in a sold her stuff. Her son would ONLY be dressed in Gap, Ralph Lauren, the clothing that was received as a gift was worn long enough for a picture to go in the thank you card...then off to the resale shop! She literally would only get pennies on the dollar for them...wonder how long that fantasy lasted ;D

  10. I love childrens consignment sales! You can find some really cute things there! Good finds!! And you will find a patio set, have you considered looking at clearence they should be marking all that stuff down pretty soon!


  11. 6what in the morning? I consider myself "early" if I'm out before 9 LOL

    I love that they will have matching dresses :)

  12. Love your finds....I am having a give a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over.

  13. Your girls will be the best dressed girls on the block! You got some great, cute buys!!

  14. The scotty dog dress was a great find, especially considering it matches your other dress! I love getting clothes for my baby boy at secondhand sales.

  15. Love the goodies! I was on a canister kick this weekend too!

  16. I am a glass cannister nut! What a great buy. All those clothes are so sweet - new to us is our favorite way to shop. Better quality, no guilt. Love.

  17. It's too bad that you lost out again this week on a patio set. Bummer! Your girls are going to look so cute this fall!

  18. Cute clothes for your kids! Often times kids outgrow nice things before they are wear them out. Wish I'd done this when I was a first-time mom!
    :-) Sue

  19. Hi,

    Oh what cute outfits you found for your kids. You can get some great deals on kids clothes at garage sales and thrift stores. I have been getting some nice things for my grandson at my local thrift store. I have found really nice like new things, from Oshkosh, Old Navy, etc. They grow so fast to spend all this money on expensive clothes. Happy thrifting!


  20. Great deals on the clothes. I found the same glass canisters at Goodwill!!!

  21. I've been looking for holiday outfits that at least will look good together for my kids - not much luck yet, but still another month of garage sales to go! And I think if I see a vintage Dukes of Hazard t-shirt I'll BUY it and WEAR it with my dark jeans! :)

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