Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Decorating Dilemmas Party!

It's party time, friends!

Okay, deep breath...I think I'm more nervous about hosting this than I was about my sister's bridal shower two weekends ago. And I didn't even have to vacuum for this party.

{It's time to link up and share your Decorating Dilemmas!}

If you're clicking over here from someone else's blog, I can tell you a bit about this party. Your post can be anything from posting a poll to have readers vote on which new dishes you should buy or something like "My teething baby carved a design in her crib and ruined it. What do I do?!" (Not that I would know anything about that.)

Decorating, crafty stuff, organization, outdoor living, your garden, I don't care. Just have some fun with it. If you have a solution to a dilemma you've faced, go right ahead and link that up! This is all about bloggers encouraging and helping each other out.

Basically, if you have something in or around your home that you'd like some feedback on, link it up here. Talk a quick tour of your home. I bet you have something laying around that you haven't worked on because you just weren't quite sure what you wanted to do with it.

I do.

My sister stole acquired this little table from our family beach condo when T and I were married 8 years ago. My Nannie told us once that it was a wedding gift when she married our Poppy in 1936. None of us has been able to visit the family condo in 8 years because my aunt has been living there. Rent free. So I am willing to bet that a stolen acquired table is a fair trade for missing out on 8 summers of memories in our family vacay spot.

I'm not bitter or anything.

The table has been living on the tiny landing of our second floor for six years. It's easy to walk right past it and not even notice it's there. I haven't done much to accessorize it, save for a nice occasional layer of dust and the old silver tea pot that has seen better days.

Here's a close up.

This is my Dilemma:

What color should I paint the table, and how can I better accessorize this area?

The wall color is darker than it looks in the photo. It's called Cliveden Sandstone, and it's a khaki color.

Here it is on the other wall.
Not much space here (between the bath and Natalie's room). Don't you love my classy thermostat decoration?

Any suggestions for the table and accessories? White? Black? Hot Pink?

Remember, there is a Giveaway contest for participants! I'll leave the party open until 12 am (ET) on Thursday morning. I'll announce the winner on Monday.

You could win this:
and this:
Here are a few rules:
1. When you enter your link, please enter the permalink to your post, not your blog's homepage. (You can do this by opening your blog, clicking on the title of the post that you want to link to, and then highlighting it to copy and paste here in McLinky. If readers can't find the correct post on your blog, then you won't receive any feedback.)
2. Please give us a brief description of your post after your blog name. For example, mine would read: Amanda @ Serenity Now (Ugly Old Table)
3. *Please leave me a comment with a link to your post.* This way, if McLinky hates me, dumps me, and ignores me, we can still all visit each other through the comments! It's just my luck that I've been having trouble with Blogger today.
4. It would be great if you'd include a little link to this post when you join the party. That way your readers can join in the fun if they want to. Please double check to be sure that your links work after you sign up.
5. It won't be a party if we don't mingle! Try to visit some of the other blogs, and remember to play nice. I had a nasty comment this week, and I know firsthand that it's no fun. Please be considerate of everyone's feelings, even if you do think that Jane Doe's wall collection of toilet plungers is really weird.

The beauty of Decorating Dilemmas is that it requires no real preparation on your part (except for the whole posting part). Come as you are and don't worry about completing your project. Let's be real! We love to share our successes, so why should we balk at admitting we might have an area (or twelve!) that we need some help with!

Have fun, everyone!

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  1. Hey girl! Here's my link -- http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/search/label/solutions
    I would keep that table simple, with a tall vase and tall stuff coming out of it. You can decide what that "stuff" is. ;)

  2. I've been looking forward to your blog party! Here's my link: http://bloomingbaggetts.blogspot.com/2009/08/decorating-dilemma.html

  3. Im joining!


  4. I'm so excited...I hope you do this every month! I can't do my post 'til morning, because I require sunlight to take my picture...but I'll come back and link up!

    I would paint the table a chocolate brown.

    Now for this, I would have to actually see the space and try it out, it might not be big enouph.

    But what if, instead of placing your table flush against one wall or the other, you placed it centered to the corner, so the back of it formed a triangle with the corner, know what I'm trying to say?

    Then behind it, you could place something tall and narrow, like a tree, or vase with tall bamboo, or branches or something.

    Then maybe something shorter like a fruit bowl, or stack of books on the table?

  5. http://www.homebodyholly.com/2009/08/living-room-consultation.html

    I think I'd do the table white, or brown like Xazmin said. It looks like there are no outlets right there, but it would be nice if somehow you could put a lamp on the table, a stack of books with a framed photo on top, and either a framed print or a mirror above the table on the wall, but low enough to be a part of the arrangement.

  6. I just need everyone to know that I do know how to spell enough.

  7. I was thinking somehow you might be able to use an extension cord for the lamp, but barring that, maybe a tall chunky candlestick and candle (or 2) instead of a lamp.

  8. Hey, I'm all linked up, and looking forward to getting some help with my 'problem' area.

    Now for yours.

    I would definitely put a shelf up and things on it (like an artificial plant and whatever else you like.)
    That will help hide your thermostat. Put the shelf 6" or so down, and put a wispy plant on it.
    Paint it the same color you do your table.

    As far as what color to paint the table, i would do white, and shabby it up. (I have the same table, and you have inspired me to get it done.)
    The tea pot looks nice on there. I would just add a couple of other things and make a grouping. Fluff the lace around it.

    Or, make it really fun, and just change the groupings all the time.
    Little vignettes of whatever you are in the mood for.
    Don't think of it as a permanent display, and have fun with it.
    You could do bird nests/houses/cage.
    a variety of nature finds etc.

    Hope that helps.

    This was a great idea.
    Barbara jean

  9. thanks for the invite! i had fun. great idea.

  10. thanks for the invite! i had fun. great idea.

  11. Love that cute table. I want one just like it. Would it work to turn it and center it in that little corner nook? I think the symmetry of that would make it stand out more and feel more substantial. I would paint it black or antique white and distress it. And I agree with Sarah, I would put a big ol' vase on it. Sticks and feathers are always nice and simple with a touch of chic. And I'd add a stack of books with a picture or something on top. But that's just my two cents!

    I hope it's ok that I linked to an older post. I did go back in and add a link back to you my friend! If I have time tomorrow I'll try and add another link to my current decorating dilemma.

    Have fun at the party. Thanks for hosting.


  12. Amanda, I am here to party with you! O.k., I messed up...I didn't put my blog name on my post...I don't know how to redo it? This should be fun!

    Hugs to you,

  13. Oh, I love your little table! I would paint it black and distress it a bit then turn it so that it is in the center of the 2 walls and put a tree or something behind it (like a ficus). On the table I'd put a stack of books, a vase, an old photo or something along that lines. If the tree doesn't cover the thermostat, I'd put a small shelf there (and on the other wall to balance it out) with a plate or vase or something to hide it.

  14. Since the table is a family piece and since it is antique, I would not paint it. I would refinish it instead. I do think that it would look nice painted white or black, I just think it would be a shame to paint a family piece.

    I like the idea of a shelf to hide your thermostat.

    I love the lines of this table and I would like to have one something like that myself.

  15. Here's my link:


    Need some ideas for this lamp!

  16. plaidjenn@yahoo.comAugust 12, 2009 at 8:29 AM

    This is my first time at your blog. I, myself don't have a blog :( , but thought I'd share an idea with you. I'd paint the table black and then maybe distress it a little (if that's your style) and stain over the distressed areas. You could cover over that thermostat the way my MIL did, use a metal or other hanging wall basket filled with a dried arrangement of sorts. The flowers, etc. that she has in her basket are right in front of the thermostat, so she can reach her hand through them to adjust if necessary. I'd do book and a lamp (even if there's no outlet) on that table, maybe a small potted plant on the books. Hope that helps.

  17. Amanda!

    What a fun party--and you have prizes! I vote for you to paint it whatever color you currently love. Forget black or white, since it's such a small, easy to paint over piece make a statement.

    Do you love orange? Paint it orange. Mad about robin's egg? Do that. Love silver? How about silver paint?

  18. Thanks for the party, dude! Here is my link! I will be back later today to check out all the other links!

  19. Hi! Here's my link :):

    Your dilemma is similar to mine, so I may not be much help :)! I'd paint your table black or a fun color, and lightly distress the edges. Then maybe a vase or pitcher with a tall seasonal arrangement of branches, or feathers, or Christmas greenery would look nice and give some height. Add a family picture in a frame on the table, and it would look lovely, IMO!! :) But you've gotten a lot of great suggestions here, so try some out & see what YOU like!

  20. How fun Amanda, where have I been? I really need to keep up better!! Love this idea, and hope you do this every month so I can participate next time!!! I love your table, I think black would be great, but I love the idea of something bright and crazy!! If it would work in your house!:-) Have a wonderful day!

  21. Thanks for inviting me to your party! I hope you host it again so I can find a better dilemma. Not sure if my post fits the criteria, but linked to you anyway :)

    I vote for refinishing the table too, even though it would look cute painted... antique tables have such beautiful wood and patina. It's a shame to cover that up!

  22. I made it! Here's my link:


  23. What's so bad about a wall collection of toilet plungers?! Lol, just kidding :)

    I'll have to figure out which dilemna to post on my blog....

    but in the mean time, I think you could try angling the table in the corner, rather than having it flat against the wall. I would put a taller vase off center, and some smaller items next to it, to give some varying heights. It might be cute to put a small area rug under the table too, to give it a little bit of oomph and make it stand out more. I'm not sure of your color scheme, but maybe it would make it pop if you painted it a fun brighter color, like a robin's egg blue or somethin? (This is coming from the girl whose whole house is varying shades of brown, lol!)

  24. Amen Paula! I am wood purist, probably because my family history of carpentry, so I wouldn't paint the table, but refinish it instead.

    I too like the idea of a tall plant or vase to over the thermostat, maybe with an oblong mirror? Please excuse me if I'm wrong, but if you use a shelf wouldn't it have to be pretty wide and have to be placed fairly low on the wall.

  25. You rock Amanda! It's been fun to see your ideas and how your blog has grown! I might join in next time. Things are a little too "full speed ahead" for me today!

  26. Amanda,
    This was great fun.
    How about doing it again later so we can all see the changes otherss have made. =0))

    Barbara Jean

  27. I don't own any antiques but aren't you supposed to restore them as opposed to a fresh coat of paint? If you paint over the original finish will it lose value or not?

  28. I think it would look great painted! As far as accessories, maybe a tall candlestick, some books and a nice photo?

  29. I just found your blog over at Southern Hospitality. This is such a fun linky party! Can't wait to check out all the links!

  30. I love your site. I just found it by accident. I love your table, I have one like it only smaller. I agree with Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful. I would center the table in the corner and put something tall on it. This would accent the corner and you really wouldn't need anything else. I don't think I would paint the table because I am a wood lover. If I did I would paint it off white with a glaze technique to give it an aged finish

    Keep up the great job.

  31. Angle the table sister and slap some paint on that baby!! Turquoise on top/chocolate on the legs maybe. It's a great piece!!!

  32. I think the table would be cute with a little night light on it and then maybe a couple books stacked one on top the other and maybe a clock? I'm sorry I haven't made a party post - like I told you, I kind of burned out on the blogging. Let me know if you want me to do one this weekend!

  33. I am one for color, so I say a nice light aqua or robin's egg blue to contrast with your neutral walls. Then, distress it.

    I am thinking I am going to do that while yard sale bench that color, wanna share paint? lol

  34. Hey there - great party! I'm sorry I couldn't get it together to join this time.

  35. I just found you and thought I would come and join the party though I am so sorry that I am beyond fashionably late!!!

    This is such a great idea! Will you have more of these parties or is this a one time party thing?

    I love your little table! I am having the same dilemma with my entry so am not sure I can by of much help! A tall skinny lamp on top with a small stack of books to 1 side maybe with a bird or cute statue on top of books (how bout under a little cloche even) and a fresh bouquet or plant would look pretty. I have been reading Nells Hills decorating books and she has a great way of putting little vignettes together- you might check out her books sometime (I got mine from the library.

    Again thanks for letting me join!


  36. Hi Hi, Here's my link http://peachypapaya.blogspot.com/2009/08/little-sewing-chair.html and I edited my blog to include your link...

    Awesome party!!!

  37. Aw, I am so sad I missed this! What a great idea for a blog party - I have so many things around the house I'd like a second opinion on. Please, please do this again sometime!


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