Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Unlike Miss Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, my area didn't have much going on in the yard sale department this past weekend. Luckily, I went to Salvation Army earlier last week to drop off a donation, and look what I came home with!

Tall and shapely

Or is it?

Looks can be deceiving, huh? For some reason, I really liked the shape of this neat pottery piece. It's actually pretty large, and was originally priced at $23.99. I got it for $4.

It matches the color scheme I have in the addition, but it would also go well in the Living room. I have a cabinet with some "rustic" stuff in that room...a wooden antique level that belonged to T's grandfather, as well as two of his very old whittling knives.

I had another fabulous find, but I'll have to wait to show it to you because I found it as a surprise for someone who I know reads this blog! I'll do a reveal here after I do the *big* reveal in person.

That's all I have today, folks. I am pretty bummed about it! BUT if you check back in tomorrow (Monday) morning, I'll have some neat photos of the (thrifty, delicious, interesting?) fun we had on the 4th!
{Happy Thrifting!}

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  1. Amanda,
    Don't feel bad, I only had two things and they were not big!
    I love pottery and yours is lovely.

  2. Hi Amanda! I love your piece of unusual! Isn't it great the stuff you can find in thrift stores? I can't believe what people give away!! Have a great week!...Debbie

  3. Hi Amanda...
    great find...that piece of pottery is lovely...and what a price!!!!

  4. Hi Amanda !
    What a terrific price! Sounds like it will be at home, in your home !
    Love it !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. I love the shape of that pottery. Great find! I think we all are looking forward to next week, and lots of sales!

  6. Yeah same here. I didn't hit any yard sales this weekend. It's feast or famine around here. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Good deal. I only had one also.

  8. Hi Amanda! Stop by my blog and see the good news!!

    Hugs to you,

  9. Your container has a very interesting shape and it was a great price.

    I went to a bunch of thrift shops at the beach hoping to find some bargains. I only found one small thing. Maybe this weeke will be a better week for sales.

  10. Ok I thought of you last Thursday: I found a stand mixer at the Goodwill for $4.99. :) :) Check out my latest post for pics. You will be so proud!! AND you and my mom would get along great haha she is the ultimate thrifter!!! Great finds sister!!

  11. I like your pottery piece. ...Contemporary and classic. Sue

  12. My area didn't have any yardsales either. I'm having withdrawals! :)

    Love the vase!


  13. Ohhhh...I love it! And the shape is perfect. If that is all you got then it was totally worth it. Don't fret my thrifty friend ... you done good!


  14. I like your pottery...really pretty with fresh flowers, I'll bet.
    Have a good week...

  15. Amanda, I love that piece, looks like the real deal pottery. That will look great in so many places.

  16. That's an awesome find! I love the shape of it too! Can't wait to see where you put it!

  17. Ohmigosh, I love the thrift shop. Can you believe I've not been there once this year? Looks like you hit the jackpot with that pottery piece.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you found.


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