Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DIY: Easy Flower Hairclips (Easy to Make, Easy on Your Wallet)

"If you're a fly girl...get your hair did."

Who knew I'd be quoting Missy Elliot for this edition on my blog?!!

I am editing this post to link up to Kimba's fabulous DIY blog party at A Soft Place to Land. This is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week because not only do I get to watch So You Think You Can Dance, but I get to check out other readers' fabulous DIY projects on Kimba's site. Can we say "Inspiration?" I ran this post a few months ago when I had fewer readers, so hopefully it's new to many of you!

Like many moms of little girls, I love fixing my kids' hair. I do not, however, love to spend lots of money on fixing their hair. I once spent $$$ dollars on a clip-on bow half the size of my pinky finger, only to have a toddler Natalie rip it out. I found it two years later. In the car. Let's just say that it wasn't white anymore.

Some time ago, my friend L introduced me to the online Boutique, Spoiled Rotten Girls, where they sell instructions on how to make your own hairbows. Unfortunately, all the pictures and words just confuse me, so I rely on L to occasionally just make them for me. It's a nice trade off... She reads my blog, she makes me some hair bows. A fair arrangement, I think, and not at all one-sided. (If you are in the mood for actual professional hair bows, visit Xazmin or L)

When I saw this post by Ashley at Domestic Fashionista, I knew I had to give the hair bow thing another try.

First, I gathered some supplies. I have a small, cheap-o hot glue gun, some scissors, and some small alligator clips (I purchase mine at a local beauty supply store). The yellow flowers, like Ashley's, I bought at Michael's (or insert your own craft store name here) with a 40% off coupon. The little felt flowers were actually pins, and they were 50 cents at JoAnn Fabric.

L's tip is to line the inside of the alligator clips first with velvet ribbon. This comes in handy for a toddler's fine hair and makes it stay much better! I just dabbed some hot glue in there, and ta-da, it's lined!
After that, I ripped the metal pin off the back of the felt flower, hot glued it to the clip....drum roll, please....

Voila! CHEAP hair bow!!! I already had the glue, clip, and velvet ribbon. So-- a cutie-pie hair doodad for 50 cents...not bad. Please excuse her ghetto-frizzy's been a long morning.

Here's the other one in orange. A certain three year old was not a cooperative model. It's so hard to find good help these days.

I plan on doing the same thing with the yellow scrapbooking flowers. I could even wear one of those! I saw a bunch of similar hair accessories in Ulta last weekend...for lots more money!

{Be creative, and have fun!}
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  1. So cute! Now, do you have any tips on how to keep your sensitive-headed child from ripping said clips from her hair and then blaming you when she pulls out chunks of hair? No? Okay. We'll go with So Cute! then.

  2. cute, cute, cute! Now I just need a girl!

  3. ok! we're all thinking the same thing. sooo cute. now you have to make one in every color, you know :)


  4. Hi Amanda! What a quick and easy project. Wish I had cute little girls to make hair bows for!

  5. Too cute! I love the orange one. Now my lil one needs to grow more hair! ;)

  6. SO SO SO cute! Too bad I have 2 boys! I guess I will have to whip up some of these as gifts. Thanks!

  7. My little girl has fine hair. I've thought about making her bows before, but never thought about lining them with velvet ribbon. Great tip!!

  8. This is so cute. As the mother of boys, I've never even thought about making cute hair clips. . .but my sister has a little girl! I think I'd better tell her about this post. And I'm inspired just by reading about what you're up to. :)

  9. Adorable! Now if my 8 yr old would just wear them again...enjoy it now!!

  10. WOW, I was all prepared to sing the praises of the cute bows (2 girls in my house too, and they constantly break their headbands. Sooo annoyingly expensive!), and now I can't stop reading what you have written about leaving comments! I totally want to steal that "magic weight loss pill or bust enhancement" bit!!! It's cracking me up!!!
    So, come on, I came to your get brave and come over to mine!!! No motivation is required- just have a cup of coffee and an open mind. (Oh, if you pee when you laugh like I do, make sure you go before you read. Word of warning from other readers. lol)

  11. Great job! I've got 2 little boys, though!

    Stopping by from Kimba's...

  12. That was a piece of cake!

    Enjoy a Totally Tremendous Thursday!!!

  13. I love them!! I have wanted to try doing this for awhile! You'll have to come by and check it out when I actually get a chance!!

    My new blog's address is

  14. Hey Amanda !
    Those models are caaaautte ! Don't worry , they are still in training and once they are a little older , they will be ready ! My three grew up with me snapping a million pics and they are so into it now...too funny..
    Love the little clips and brings back memories to when I made clips my my girls....enjoy them , life goes by quick !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. So cute! Reading this reminds me of the friend who helped me make a barrette to match my wedding dress. She had some great ideas and it turned out very well!

  16. So sweet! I need a little girl, too :)

  17. Okay,
    You've sold me. I'm gonna do it too. Because I all she'll wear are barrettes and I'm tired of plain wal-mart fare

  18. Thanks for the sweet comments. I just brushed the glue onto the clothespin and then placed the paper in place. I love your hair clips. They are so cute. Definitely something I will have to try when I have a child. Thanks for sharing.

  19. You're making me kick myself that I just spent $9 on a flowerdy-hairclip that I bought to go with a dress I wore on vacay...gaah! Cuz this grown-up girl likes wearing flower hairclips too, ya know! :)

  20. Hi Amanda! These are so cute! I am filing this away in hopes of a granddaughter one day! lol Hair clips have come a long way since my daughter's day! I remember a friend of mine who taped little bows in her daughter's hair so people would know she was a girl! Enjoy your weekend...Debbie

  21. Those turned out sooo stinkin' cute! Love them!

  22. Sooo cute Amanda. You did a great job:)

  23. Too Cute!!! My daughter woul dlove it!


  24. Adorable! I wonder if my seven-yr-old would still be willing to wear one....

  25. Your models are adorable. I make hairbows and there are 2 other ways to keep them in fine hair. One is to line the clip with the spongy shelf liner. Just cut a small piece to fit the clip and hot glue it on. Be careful - the glue will come through the holes. Another way is to use grosgrain or satin ribbon and put a line of aquarium sealer along the ribbon. Use a lighter to heat seal the ends of the ribbon first. This keeps the ribbon from fraying. Then put a thin line of sealer along the ribbon and let dry before hot gluing your ribbon to your clip.

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