Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to Be Cheap {22}

I'm teaming this edition of Thrifty Thursday up with a blog party hosted by Julia at Hooked on Houses. Every week, Julia hosts a "Hooked On" party, where readers can link up and share what makes them happy. If you've never visited Hooked on Houses before, you are missing a real treat. I love seeing how other people live, whether they are celebrities, ficitonal movie characters, or people in the MLS system with very odd tastes. Please visit Julia today, and let her know I sent you!

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{Hooked On: Embroidery Hoops}

What's making me smile this week? The arrival of my Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

I've seen one or two other blogs showcase beautiful fabric framed in embroidery hoops.

Before I saw the potential, when I pictured embroidery hoops, I pictured my mom circa 1987, with her 80s poof hair style, working on a cross stich with ducks or bears or something. Not so cool, huh?

So it really made me smile when I thumbed through the catalog and saw several fabric filled embroidery hoops on page 21. There are several grouped on the bulletin board, and one large one to the right on the wall. I love the fun, whimsical fabric the designers chose!

Talk about an inexpensive and fun way to dress up the walls in your child's room! (photo from Pottery Barn)

I've found several hoops here and there at yard sales and thrift shops...I even have a few neat metal ones. You can purchase them at any craft store, but most of mine were 25 cents or $1 for a bunch.

My local scrapbook store sends out occasional email newsletters, and this little project caught my eye.

The artist used lightweight canvas to create these fun works of art. I love the blue one with the black and white photos. This would be a fun pop of color on a Family room wall!

I am going one project at a time here on L Avenue. Currently, I am hurrying to get ready for my sister's bridal shower this Saturday. One of her best friends, Meggan is hosting with me, and my sis-in-law (sis-in-love) SuSu is helping us prepare.

One of these days, I'll brave the wilds of the upstairs bedrooms and make some beautiful, thrifty art with my embroidery hoops!

How 'bout you?

{What are you hooked on this week?}

Hope to see you tomorrow morning when I announce the Giveaway winner and the next little *fun* thing!

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  1. I like the hoops that had the scrapbook stuff in're so good at scrapbooking I bet you could make them really cute!

  2. Great idea to use the hoops to showcase pretty fabrics :-) You could probably use wallpaper too -- you'd just have to glue it onto a backing to keep it from puckering or getting out of shape.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. In the past I have used embroidery hoops for framing my work. Cheap, quick and easy to hang.

  4. What a cool idea. Now I wish I had kept my hoops. Really cute for kid rooms. Jane T.

  5. Awww you are too sweet! Im having fun getting to know you too. I see we both have a love for Pottery Barn!

  6. This is a fun idea!

    Have a great time at the shower this weekend. When you have a chance, stop by and pick this up from my blog:


  7. I am visiting via Hooked on Houses. It is such fun to see your idea.

    Please drop by and enter my giveaway.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. I got the Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail this week too! Love the hoops!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I also received the catalog and saw the embroidery hoop art this week! I thought it was so fun. I actually have some of embroidery hoop framed art I made in the 80's as a preteen learning to sew!

  10. Adorable! I love the scrap book style ones! I am wondering why my PB kids catalog hasn't arrived yet.

  11. Can't wait to see your version! I know it will be fabulously frugalicious. And stinkin cute too!


  12. "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

    Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! I'm a teacher off for summer break and I am definitely going to try some of these things around the house.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  13. oh what an adorable room. It would be perfect for wrappin presents too! how great!

  14. I've seen some new uses of these hoops on Etsy stores. I should get them out of the dusty box and get to it.

  15. these are really cool too! i thought of you when i saw them:o) great use of an embroidery hoop!


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