Monday, July 20, 2009

If I Were a Betting Woman...

I'd bet on me to win "hide and seek" every time.

Natalie loves hide and seek. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. She's terrible at it. I mean, really really awful.

Our Pomeranian does a better job of hiding.

When it's Natalie's turn to hide, Michaela Byrd and I count to ten loudly while Natalie scampers off. Michaela Byrd's version of counting goes like this "One, twoooo, figh, sagan, TEN!"

We always hear loud stomping footsteps as Natalie runs to the other room to hide. This is followed by obnoxiously loud giggles and scuffling noises as she fidgets in excitement.

Michaela Byrd always finds her sister in a matter of seconds. She really should give her big sister a chance.

So I'd totally bet on me to win. I like those odds.

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  1. That picture is simply HILARIOUS, my friend!

  2. That pic is priceless! Indy is terrible at h&s too. Always has been.

  3. That picture is amazing. Be sure to pull it out again when they get married someday!

    Hi from SITS :)

  4. Maybe you should work on teaching her the art of camouflage! I just love the way their little minds work--If I can't see you, then you can't see me--right? If you find the "Proposal" house on line, let me know!!

  5. That's hilarious! That's kind of how Monkey hides too! I've missed you and can't wait to get caught up on all your posts!

  6. That is too funny!

    Just stopped by to say
    :o) Hope you had a Happy Monday!

  7. Oh my goodness Amanda, talk about a laugh for the day! That is hysterical!! My oldest grandson (almost 7) is very good, but little 3 1/2 yr. Sammy wants to hide in the very same place his big brother just hid. LOL he just doesn't get it. I hope you have that picture in the baby book! CUTE!

  8. Wait... is she hiding in the picture? 'Cause I can't find her anywhere... ;)

    My kids do the same thing... they like to hide when they hear their daddy come home... yet their giggles always gives away their hiding spot!

  9. That picture is too cute! I'm glad you grabbed the camera to document that one. I love it when my boys play hide n seek together.


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