Monday, April 13, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick (and Easter stuff)

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How was your Easter? As most holidays go, when you live in a town where your own mother, your in-laws, and various siblings all reside or are visiting, it can get a little hectic. We went to early church this morning. Arriving on time was a feat unto itself. I think God decided to punish me for my pride in punctuality by placing T and I in a pew directly behind the most obnoxious family we've run across in quite awhile.

Our church is pretty big. We have 3 services and each service can accomodate around 2,000 people. The downstairs and balcony were packed this morning. Why we had to end up behind the "McBrattysons" is a question I may never receive the answer to. I have no problem with people wanting to keep their children with them during a church service. If they can behave. (That goes for the parents too)

You'd think Mrs. McBrattyson would have noticed that the only children sitting in a 5 pew radius of us were older, quiet, elementary-school aged kids. Maybe she didn't notice because all 5 of her kids were going in different directions. The older two were loudly whisper-fighting over a water bottle, while the middle child sat in his mother's lap, tapping wildly on his Spiderman sunglasses (?!). I have discovered that that is the second most annoying sound in the world. The most annoying sound in the world would have to be the spitting/bubble noises that the two year old was directing at Mr. McBrattyson. When he tired of spitting and yelling, he started to shake the leg of the poor man sitting at the end of the pew!

I have made my share of parenting mistakes, ya'll, but I really have to draw the line at letting your child get away with shaking a complete stranger's leg! It was in the beginning of the sermon too, so the poor guy couldn't leave. Shockingly, the McBrattysons debated several times (with 50 people staring at them) over whether or not they should "take him out."

Yes! I wanted to shout. Let me show you were the children's wing is! It's wonderful! Junior can yell all he wants and shake stuff back there!

But they didn't.

They just kept yanking the kid back and forth off their laps until his shrieking grew too unbearable even for them. Our area of the sanctuary drew an almost audible sigh of relief as Mrs. McBrattyson dragged Junior out.

So maybe it was a good Easter sermon. I dunno.

We spent the afternoon at the in-law's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. I took a Decadent Peanut Butter Pie...look for the recipe on Wednesday!

How was your Easter? Did you actually get to hear a sermon?

{Here are some pictures from our day!}

The T fam and my mom, "Mimi"
Otherwise titled: "T and the Women"

We "recycled" the Easter dresses this year. The only dress I could find that I liked had a $40 price tag on it. I don't care if Natalie was going to wear it every Sunday and every naptime for the next three months. It wasn't worth it. She wore this on her 3rd birthday, and I thought she looked so pretty. I didn't have time to make her a hairbow, so she had to wear that one, which was one of my pathetic first attempts at hair-bow making. I haven't attempted one since. You can see why.

Can't take a picture in our front yard without someone else's car or house in the photo. Ugh.

After church....

Easter egg hunt at the in-laws' house. Do me a favor and don't mention the hunt part to Michaela Byrd. She was taking a nap and missed the excitement!


  1. Such cute pics and so good to see the whole family.
    And the church thing??? I would love to think that the McB's were not regular church goers and just didn't know it was inappropriate for them to let Jr. shake and sorry that it ruined YOUR hearing the sermon! UGH....
    Happy Monday...the girls are adorable!


  2. Hey Amanda!

    I think your girls look beautiful in their Easter pictures. I definitely would have reused that pink dress, as it's adorable. I love it!

    On another topic...I saw your comment on my bunny post, and I'd think if the Spring colors of the garlands blend well with your decor, you could definitely leave them out for a while. If they have springy flowers on them, I'd take them down for the fall and winter, but otherwise, I'm sure they'd be great!

    Have a wonderful Monday. :)

  3. I always love looking at pictures of your little girls. Easter Sunday is an especially fun time to view them! Beautiful dresses and beautiful sweet peas.

    Sorry about your church experience! :(

    Yes, we went to church with my mom and heard a very good sermon. This church was filled with very old people. I really have to think if I saw any children under five!

  4. We too are surrounded by both of our families...It is a blessing, but sometimes exhausting!

    I'm glad you had a good day (aside from the McBrattysons!)

  5. The girls looked adorable in their pretty dresses.

    Sorry about not being able to hear the sermon. We have a very small congregation (usually around 25), this sunday we had around 60, it was wonderful.

    I fixed dinner for my parents & brother. They're the only relation left around here. I missed having my daughters,son in law and grandsons for the special day.

  6. What cutie pie pics! And I think it's perfectly acceptable to re-use her dress. SO much money is wasted on "special occasion" clothes that get worn for photos only. Don't get me wrong, I love pretty clothes on kids, but wear them more than for just the photo. I don't care if it was expensive or not. What's the point in having it if they never wear it?
    Oh, and guess what?!?!?! You're the winner of my give-away! Can you stand it? Shoot me an email with your address and I'll drop your package in the mail. Congrats!
    BTW, the mixing up of 'your' and 'you're' is a huge pet peeve of mine too. Also, there, their and they're. They're not the same word!

  7. Don't you hate that! Seriously. Gorgeous girls and darling dresses! PB pie on Easter is a necessity!

    Also, I enjoyed your love/hate lists. ;)

  8. Oh my gosh! forgot! Congrats on the Mom in High Heels Win!!!

  9. Your girls look absolutely beautiful in their Easter dresses! And I LOVE that bonnet, too. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

  10. I can hardly stand the suspense!!!! :-)

  11. Ooo!! Can I hear more about your bow making? A blog post perhaps?! PS. I know I'm late but I thought I would still tell you how much I enjoy reading everyday!!!

  12. Ooo!! Can I hear more about your bow making? A blog post perhaps?! PS. I know I'm late but I thought I would still tell you how much I enjoy reading everyday!!!


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