Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hottest New Accessory

(This post was originally posted in September of 2008. I'm leaving to visit my Nannie for a few days with my mom-Mimi- and the girls. This should provide some excellent material for new posts. Stay tuned! I'll schedule some oldies but goodies for the next couple of days!)

That's right girls. I have an inside tip for you. This one is so hot that it hasn't even hit the runways in Milan or Bryant Park yet. Wanna know the most coveted new accessory in every designer's line? Come closer, lean in....

Baby spit-up. Yes, it's true! And guess who was the first one to discover the fabulousness of this new look. Moi! I can rock this look like you wouldn't believe.

I had to go to church the other night because I am working with a photographer friend on a directory for our 567,894, 327, 963 member church (I admit it's not really that big, but it's a pretty large church). I was running late because (if you are a mom, you know what I am talking about) my dear husband needed instructions on how to care for his children...but that's a different post for a different day. So I threw on a pair of khakis, left my red top on, and ran out the door.

The photography sessions were going just fine. The other assistant was showing me the ropes: how to take orders, sell packages, etc. I was in my element; meeting new people and learning new things. We had a lull and stood around chatting for a few minutes. Suddenly, the other assistant gave me a knowing smile, and reached toward my shoulder. "Here," she said. "You have a little something there." And she brushed off the remains of a tasty meal of formula and Gerber Stage 2 squash. How embarrassing! What made it even more embarrassing was that the meal wasn't eight month old daughter had consumed that very same meal for lunch. TOA (The Other Assistant) made me feel better by recounting her own tales of strategically placed baby spit-up.

If you're a mom, then wear your mashed pea corsage proudly. Like I said before, it's the hottest new look. I totally saw Christian from "Project Runway" sporting some strained pears on the pages of Vogue. If you're a young fashionista, don't laugh. Your day will come...sooner than you think.

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  1. I can totally relate to this! Thanks for stopping by the Trenches - right back atcha - your site is totally cute!


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