Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tea Party, Anyone?

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know it's no secret that I'm preeeeetty conservative. As each week of this new presidency passes, I find myself growing more and more discontent with the trouble brewing in our nation. I don't even like to watch the news anymore because I feel like pulling my hair out. Stimulus, bailout, stem cell research, appointees who don't pay their taxes, abortion, taxe rates hiking up...it's enough to make anyone's head spin.

I think the mainstream media (with the exception of Fox News, which is all T will watch) has done a *stellar* job of creating an almost mythical aura about the Obamas. They are focusing more on what Michelle Obama wore to meet the Queen of England than the fact that our own Obama-chosen Treasury Secretary, Geithner, didn't even pay his taxes. Come on, people! My three year old could have chosen a better cabinet, albeit she might have included Dora or Max & Ruby. She can also speak logically and clearly without the constant aid of a teleprompter. Sometimes I wonder if Obama takes his teleprompter to bed with him. I wonder if the people who voted for him are pleased with the "change [they could] believe in." Well, it's sure change, all right!

To end my rant (sorry, ya'll, I am fired up!), I think those dimwits in Washington (both Republicans and Democrats!) need to start listening to their constituents. I realize that we do not reside in a democracy, and said dimwits can pretty much do whatever they please because other dimwits keep voting them back into office.

This is why T and I will be participating in a Tax Day TeaParty in Richmond. There are thousands of them brewing all over the country! If enough of us take the time to show up (yes, it might require a bit of travel), maybe the Washington dimwits will hear our voices! This is not a violent protest. This is a group of Americans who are tired of the chumps in Washington bleeding us (and our children, and our children's children!) dry, and we're ready to say so. This is the promo for the Richmond Tea Party:

This one, from the San Antonio Tea Party, I find inspiring. I sent it to my sister in hopes that she'll attend:

Let's party like it's 1773, ya'll!

Edited to add: I truly hope I haven't offended any of my (dear!) readers. If the current occupant of the White House and/or the majority of our Congress were Conservatives who weren't listening to their voters, then I'd be reacting the same way! I am really just tired of feeling like I am not being represented. I am sickened by the excess of spending going on by all parties. I wish they'd leave the Pork alone so my man can bring home the bacon. ;)


  1. i am a nw reader of your blog but i totally agree with your views. Our focus is not on the major issues of the people which needs attention it upon who is going where and wearing what.. by spipping taxes doing wrong and getting away with it...

  2. Thanks for your comment, Daisy. :) I'm so glad you're reading. I promise to go back to FUN blogging now that I can that rant off my chest. ;)

  3. We are having a tea party here too and I think we will be attending.

    I also have a hard time watching the news. I worry especially about how this cut in military spending is going to affect my oldest 2 boys. Why can't we cut some of that pork instead?


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