Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to be Cheap {9}

It'S tHe CAt's MEoW!

I've been searching for the perfect desk for my crafty stuff for ages. Our addition was finished back in September. It's now almost May. You do the math. (No, really. I am just truly bad at math!) I needed something larger than a child-size desk, but it couldn't be too large because of the spot it has to go in. I was hoping to find real wood, but those are hard to come by, and often larger that what I had space for.

For the past month or so I swing by Salvation Army every Monday morning to see what the cat dragged in over the weekend. I've also been shopping the early Spring yard sales to see what I could find. No luck.

Until yesterday! Even though it wasn't Monday, the Salvation Army near our house is about to bust with all the furniture they've got in there. They had a sign up that read "Let's Make a Deal!" which I personally took as a sign that translates: "We've got too much stuff in here. Make us an offer and hightail it home." (I had a hard time looking past all the diamonds in the rough. Oh, to have space for some neat stuff to remake!)

So I dragged the girls up and down the crowded aisles. And found this.

Michaela Byrd thinks it's so cool she can see through the table!

I love le cheap!

This is the back hallway in the addition where it will eventually go. That's the laundry room to the left.

I know it is hideous. I'm a little scared, as I've never purchased anything this ugly with the intentions of a makeover before. I have big plans for it. I think. It was marked $15, they took $8, and I am wishing I'd asked $5. I'll have to do a big reveal when I am finished with it, but it may be awhile because it's supposed to rain here for the next 12 years, so I won't be able to paint outside....
That's not all the cat dragged in at Salvation Army yesterday! I called Mimi at work, and as soon as school was done for the day, she drove over to SA to see what I found for her. See?

This is Jasmine (Natalie wracked her brain for the best princess name she could think of). She was the last of the four kittens left in the store, and Mimi just knew she had to take that kitten home!

I have never seen a child so excited over a kitten. When Michaela Byrd got a look at what was in Mimi's basket, she started shouting "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ditty! Ditty!" She wanted to love on that kitten so bad. I think poor Jasmine had a nervous breakdown.

When Mimi had to go home, Michaela Byrd stood sobbing in front of the glass door. I had to distract her to get her to come back in the house! Natalie is already asking if we can drive to Mimi's today to play with Jasmine while Mimi is teaching.

You can get all sorts of deals at Salvation Army, huh?! Hope you enjoyed the "tail" today.


  1. OOOOOooooh, looking forward to seeing the makeover for the desk!! Way to go, girl!


  2. Great find! I cannot WAIT to see what you do with it!

    I love me some cheap, baby!

  3. Great find! The kittie and the table!!!

    Your daughter is sooo cute!

  4. Hey, I just clicked over from SITS. What a great SA find! Nice job!

  5. oooohhhh, i am LOVING it!! there is so much potential there, my friend!!!! i am admiring your patience :0)

  6. bad news for natalie.... "Jasmine" is a boy. I heard it from the vet's mouth. :(



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