Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to Be Cheap {4}

Today's edition of Thrifty Thursday will be about saving money on household products by going GENERIC (a dirty word in some houses!). I have a big reveal for ya'll. I discovered an *aMaZiNG* deal on tissues! This winter has been rough on my family, and we go through tissues a lot. We ran out at some point, and that's when I discovered this thrifty choice: (scroll down to see)

Ta-Da! White Trash Tissues!

This is really so versatile, people. You can dress it up a little and place it on a cake stand or hang it by pretty ribbon from your cabinets. For very special occasions, a Waterford crystal bowl really enhances the soft whiteness of the paper. You can even keep it casual and go the old-fashioned route, and rip it right off the dispenser. Good-bye, Kleenex...Hello, Charmin!

In all seriousness, I have found that our Costco membership is turning out to be a good thing. I used to buy the Target brand paper towels, and we'd go through a roll almost every other day or so. The Costco brand, Kirklands, lasts days longer and is more heavy-duty. The same thing goes for the Kirklands brand of toilet paper. T is super picky about toilet paper...must be a guy thing. He hasn't said a word since I switched to buying tp from Costco, and I've noticed we are replacing the rolls far less often...although this could be due to the fact that Natalie has learned what an acceptable amount to use looks like.

Other things I've recently purchased in a generic brand:
~ Parent's Choice Little Puffs (Plus Calcium!): they come in the same little canister that the Gerber baby puff snacks do, but are way cheaper. Michaela Byrd has not shown a preference for either.
~ Target's cheese slices: much thicker slices than regular brand sliced cheese
~ Wal-Mart taco/chili seasoning packets: same taste as the expensive brands. a good buy when I just need it to add some flavor to a meal.

Is there anything you've found that is better to buy *Generic*? (dirty word again!!) Is there anything you won't buy in a store brand (it was formula for me, once I started my girls on it)?


  1. Any time I get low on napkins I buy a sandwich (gotta eat lunch!) at a place with free-for-all napkin dispensers and load up. I haven't bought napkins in over 4 months. I do NOT however do what Mamma does and fold handfulls of Splenda packets into a napkin and stuff them in my purse. You gotta draw the line somewhere...

  2. Oh yeah and to answer that question - I basically buy generic everything except for make-up and salsa. You can buy cheap chips - that's OK - but cheap salsa just ruins the whole experience.

  3. Albeit a good idea, and an impressive way to spruce up their apperance, we will not be replacing our tissues with toilet paper EVER! I LOVE my Kleenexes!!!! Everytime I go to my husband's side of the family I pray I don't get a drippy nose becuase they (and I mean, His parents, and both sister's houses) do NOT have tissues! AHHHH!!!! That drives me crazy! I want a soft, thick, KLEENEX to keep my fingers dry when I give it a good blow.

    After talking with a pharmacist that I trust, I am now buying the Target brand of all cold/pain medicines. Same ingredients, just a fancy label & advertisement that you're missing...oh and an extra $2-4 in your pocket.

  4. I buy almost everything Great Value makes, but there are a few exceptions. Bread and toilet paper, mostly. I am a super duper toilet paper snob. Only charmin ultra touches these lilly white cheeks.

    BTW, your comment about taking special orders for little Octavius made me pee myself. Good thing I have that super soft absorbent toilet paper!


  5. I read an article the other day about generic and name brands. On several items they compared the name brand was made overseas but the generic was made in the GOOD OLD USA. Your readers may consider this when thinking which is better. I know most of your readers (probably all but me) are younger and have children in tow at the stores and DO NOT have the time to read labels but thought I'ld mention it anyway.

    It must be a guy thing about the tp...mine is picky too. If he has to go somewhere besides home, he usually has a comment or complaint about the alternative to a Sears & Robuk catalog sheet like many years ago.

  6. OK, I am a major generic buyer...I am pretty picky about paper towels and sandwich bread, though. Frugality rules! LOL


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