Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Gourmet {3} ::On Second Thought

A Second Review of La Maison en Desordre
by Michaela Byrd, age 14 1/2 months

I found myself in the 'Burg again recently, and I had my assistant make a reservation at the P Street Cafe. After reading my last tepid review of La Maison en Desordre, the very kind manager of the P Street Cafe offered me dinner on the house to make up for the horrendous experience I suffered through my last time in the 'Burg.

This car, Ferrari's latest model, is my pride and joy.

As fate would have it, my car got a flat tire near L Avenue, which is where La Maison is located. My worthless assistant refused to answer my phone calls (I am quite sure she was watching Olivia on my TiVo), so I found myself at La Maison en Desordre during the dinner rush hour.

Dialing my lazy assistant

Even after our previous altercation, the chef at La Maison welcomed me with open arms. I suppose it's not every day she has a famous food critic dine with her. Because they were short-staffed that evening, the wait was longer than I anticipated. The chef offered me an appetizer while I waited, which I gladly accepted. To my horror, the appetizer turned out to be...

Lima Beans. A vile scourge of the taste buds.

I took one taste and threw a big huge hissy fit.

Preoccupied with preparing the main course, the chef ignored my request for a more suitable hors d'oeuvres, such as prosciutto herb gnocchi with fresh spinach, pine nuts, asparagus, and Parmesan cream.

It was when I took matters into my own hands that I discovered the delightful little hors d'oeuvres bar tucked away near the Kitchen door. I decided to help myself, and I am truly so glad I did. La Maison's chef has been holding out on me. I am seriously rethinking my previous review.

This delightful appetizer, called Eukenuba, featured a pleasing texture and a delightful crunch. The flavors seemed to explode in my mouth. A small, furry waitress lurking nearby looked hungry so I shared some with her and made a mental note to have her portion added to my bill. Curiously, the chef was angry when she saw us munching at the appetizer bar...I really can't say why. Perhaps she prefers that the wait staff dine after hours.

After such a delicious experience, I couldn't comprehend how she could expect me to digest the main course; a mind-numbingly boring presentation of chicken, rice, and strawberries. Honestly, do I look like I dine in the play zone at McDonald's?
That said, I plan on stopping by La Maison on Desordre the next time I am passing through the 'Burg. The chef's Eukenuba recipe is incomparable.
The rest is for the dogs.


  1. bwwwaahhhaaaa......very entertaining food critic blog!


  2. She is tooo cute for words. I don't know how you can hold the camera still to take pictures, I am still laughing in my chair. Good thing the main ingredient in her new appetizer is chicken. I remember those days to well, not only with my own children but most of the ones we babysat for ( and believe me, there were many!)
    Hope next time I am in the area I can also have the honor to dine at your fine restaurant.

  3. Janice, I will be sure to prepare a Eukenuba medley for your arrival. ;)

  4. I think it's healthy. I used to sneak cat food and I turned out okay. Right? RIGHT?!

    - Susu

  5. Ha!! I was horrified one day to find my daughter INSIDE of the cat box...UGH!! She was bathed, showered, and bathed again...the things that they do!


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