Saturday, March 14, 2009

{10 ThInGS I LoVE...}

{...AbOuT My HOnEy, T!}

In honor of today, his 30th birthday, I want to do a little list of some of my favorite things about my hubby of 7 1/2 years!

1. He knows something about everything! This is astonishing in and of itself, as the last book I remember him reading was O'Reilly's Culture Warrior two year ago. He does not usually like to read unless the item features pictures of guns, sports, or motorcycles. I think his knowledge comes from the fact that he is able to listen to just about anything (except for instructions regarding his children) and remember it. This came in handy in college, and it comes in now during his marathon Fox News/History/Discovery Channel viewings.
2. He's kind of a looker. I've had a crush on him since I was 4 or 5 years old. I was always mesmerized by how cute he looked on the soccer field. --Now I sound like a boy-crazy 14 year old.
3. He is generous to a fault. It's his birthday this week, and he took the proceeds from a sale he made to buy me a new laptop!
4. He is handy! We couldn't live in this house if T wasn't a handy guy! So far, he has chopped down enormous trees rooting up our driveway, mulched the side yard, drywalled the Living room, made a Dutch door, turned a broom closet into a custom desk and then into a new coat closet, installed light fixtures, a new front door, built a closet in the bathroom, installed flooring, made built-in cubby bookcases, installed attic stairs, and countless other things that would have left us broke by now!!
5. He is a great breakfast cook. The man can fry up a mean slab of bacon! His pancakes are perfection.
6. He is patient.
7. His girls' faces light up when they see him!
8. He has a great work ethic. He is a wonderful bread-winner, and loves to take care of us.
9. Even though he is shy, he is a great leader. He leads by example, as he has learned from his dad and his boss, R. The guys who work for him ask for his opinion on all kinds of things. One of the delivery guys recently fessed up that his girlfriend was considering having an abortion. T talked to him without making the guy feel bad, and even went so far as to say that we would be willing to adopt the baby if they couldn't care for it. Something T said must have registered, because the mom decided to have the baby.
10. He is selfless! He is always willing to drop his plans at a moment's notice to help someone out.

T would be really embarrassed if he knew I wrote this! He knows I have a blog, but he doesn't read it so far as I know. At 30, he is much much older than my twenty-faux years (hehe), but I love him anyways.

What's the one thing you love most about your significant other?


  1. Amanda, this list is priceless!! You should print it so he can tuck it in his wallet and pull it out when he is having a bad day and look and see how much he is loved!

    And #9 brought tears to my eyes :)

  2. Amanda - Your T sounds like a real catch. I agree that you should print this out and let him read it at some point. Maybe your anniversary would be a good time. I'll bet if his mom read this, she'd be tickled to death to know that her son is loved and appreciated so much.

    Mr. SP and T have a lot of traits in common. I think that they could have some good discussions.

  3. i love this, love this, love this and might just post one like it. just because :0) that thomasson is a catch ;0)

  4. Awww, what a sweet guy...yep, you should totally let him read it, and all the comments..... he'd have a major ego boost!! :)


  5. How sweet! He sounds like a keeper! ;)

    My hubby knows a little about almost everything too. My friends always say if they are ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire that he's going to be their "phone a friend".

  6. incredibly sweet! I agree with should tuck a copy of this in your wallet to remind yourself how wonderful he is when he's in the doghouse.

    As I read this post, I was nodding my head to every thing you said. My hubbs has many of the same qualities, and I love him to pieces for each one. #9 really touched my heart. What an amazing man you are blessed with. He truly does lead by example!

  7. Sounds like Mr. T. is a perfect match for you. Another great post!


  8. I love that Hubby works so hard to provide for our family, so I can stay home with our children.

    Also, he's totally a handyman...I can't begin to calculate how much money we've saved by him fixing stuff instead of hiring someone!

  9. How very sweet! I have never met your hubby, but he sounds like a wonderful loving husband, father and friend to all. #9 almost made me cry. I enjoy my friendship with you and it sounds like you two were made for each other. Tell T a Belated Happy Birthday from me.

    My husband is a very loving and caring man also. He knows everthing about farming(done it his whole life). He is also a sweetheart and giver...he gave me a bigger wedding ring set this year. We will be married 35 years in June. He also fixes a mean breakfast. (Just started it the past year though.) The thing I love about him the most the past few years is he lets me travel to see my grandsons whenever I want.


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