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How to Make Decorative Pillows

Jes from Mommy Envy is here today with a quick sewing tutorial. Stay tuned to learn how to make a decorative pillow...these make great gifts throughout the year and are a great way to freshen up your decor after the holidays!
Decorative Pillows


Hello! My name is Jes and I blog over at Mommy Envy about my home, life and food. My mother-in-law makes beautiful pillows and I've always told her that one day I will have her make pillows for my house. Every time she tells me "no"! She insists that I learn myself. Which is good, I guess, but I didn't think I had the time or talent to whip up something like pillows...with cords! I made 7 pillows in one night (about 3 hours). She kept an eye on me but I made them myself and now you can too with her instructions.          

What you will need:

-Sewing machine and a zipper foot.
-Thread similar in color to the fabric you are working with.
-Fabric of choice (either the same for the pillow and cording or two contrasting fabrics
-16x16 Pillow form
-1/4 inch cording approximately 65 inches. 

Step 1.

Cut your pillow fabric. Figure out the size of your pillow and add 1 inch. I made a 16x16 pillow, so I cut a square that was 17 inches by 17 inches. This is for your ½ inch seam allowance.

Step 2.

If you are using a ¼ inch cording - Cut a 2 inch strip the length will need to be the perimeter of your pillow. Mine is 16x16 so 16 times 4 sides is 64 inches. (but always give yourself a couple more inches to make a nice finish to the cord)

Step 3.

Attach your cording to one side of your pillow (the right side). You will end up putting both squares together with the right side in.

Start with one side with the right side (what you want to show when you’re finished) You will wrap your cord with the strip and have a lip to sew it to the square. You will work your way around attaching it to the entire square.

At each corner, you will need to cut a 45 degree angle and adjust the cord so that you can turn to the next side. Each side will have a ½ inch seam allowance. 
Decorative Pillow Cording 4

Step 4.

Finishing step 3. You will need to make the finish look good because it will be seen. You will cut your cord to match up with your start. You will then cut the strip 1 inch past the end of the cord. You will fold it over and finish sewing. Decorative Pillow Cording 2

Step 5.

Attach the back of your pillow leaving a gap on one side. You will place pretty sides on the inside facing each other.

Starting where you started the cord (so that any endings are at the bottom of the pillow). Keeping the stitch close to the cording (so you don’t see awkward seem gaps), sew around the edge of the pillow until you come to the bottom of the pillow, again leaving a large gap.
Decorative Pillow Cording 3

Step 6.

Insert your pillow form or stuffing.

Step 7.

Iron the seam of your pillow so that it folds over easily. Then sew the final gap closed.

Thank you, Amanda, for letting me hang out here today! I started Mommy Envy for two reasons. One, because I've always wanted to be a writer and I had to finally do something for myself. The second reason is because I think all moms have moments when they feel inadequate and weighed down. I know I do! I sometimes show pictures of my messy house, not that it makes you feel any more adequate than me. My posts try to encourage you to go after your dreams and to hopefully help out with tips in areas you don't want to excel at (like the laundry!).


Thanks, Jes, for showing us how it's done!

You can catch up with Jes at her blog, Mommy Envy. Be sure to stop by and say "hello!"

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  1. I've never sewn a pillow cover with a zipper or cording. Actually, I've never even sewn a pillow cover. The sewing gene skipped a generation with me. Maybe now I can tackle it with this great tutorial? Thanks for sharing.


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