Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Cranky Pants Look...

So I'm wearing my cranky pants today. I wish I had one of the cool projects that I completed before Harris' birth photographed and inserted into a witty, nicely executed post to share with you today. The blogger scheduled for today's guest post never sent in her material, and (quite honestly) I'm just not up to posting anything original today. I'm tired, I only took my Christmas decorations down on Monday, I have laundry piled up to the sky, and my kids have turned the house into their own personal Toys 'R Us. Add in all the crumminess of trying to figure out what we can feed our newborn, and I'm a wee bit stressed out.

Yep, that's my house. 

It's kind of a cardinal sin to show your house to the blogosphere unless there is a handmade, tailored slipcover on your couch with pillows made from burlap recycled from a 300 year old flour mill, and DIY artwork on your wall that you created using Photoshop and a bunch of old pallets that you found at an antique market and bought for three cents. And homemade scones on the coffee table, placed on an artfully chipped china plate that you brought back from your sponsored trip to New Orleans where you got to eat dinner with Harry Connick Jr. With well-mannered children wearing Janie and Jack rompers posing on the floor next to a well-groomed dog who would never think twice about stealing your six year old's bagel or ever-so-slightly nibbling your baby's arm through his pjs to see if he might be as tasty as he looks.

Yeah. Because that's the way our house normally looks. You know, with the industrial style coffee table I whittled with my bare hands in my spare time. 

This is just a fluke. Except it's not lately.

I'm trying to give myself some grace. I know this newborn stage doesn't last forever, and one day I'll be able to do a load of laundry and wash the dishes all in one morning. I'm just frustrated at my inability to accomplish anything. It's been hard to "revert" back to a newborn scheduled after some years of "freedom" with the two girls. I'm trying to snuggle my new little guy and enjoy him as much as I can. 

The laundry can wait. The blog can sit. There are all sorts of fun things to browse in my Project Gallery. I'll be back tomorrow with a fab guest post from Nellie Bellie

Until then....


  1. I actually enjoyed this. It's real. No one is as perfectly staged as their blogs show them to be. You have a newborn and 2 older children, give yourself a break and enjoy your time with Harris.

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  3. I love this picture! My house is worse than yours, but it still makes me feel better to see this. I'm actually quite sick of seeing other bloggers complaining that their boring builder house has no character. I'd kill to be able to afford a "boring" builder house! I love interacting with bloggers, but I've noticed that it's given me a serious case of home envy. So you just keep those real pictures coming! Maybe I'll even start to appreciate my tiny overcrowded apartment. It's unlikely, but you never know. ;-)

  4. This cracks me up, wish I could give you a hug. My house is far worse, I still have five at home, so although our house is never perfectly clean, we are able to work together to keep it fairly tidy. At least until we all started getting sick over and over and over and... you get the picture. Starting with pinkeye before Christmas (you wouldn't think that would affect anything, it's not like anyone is flat on their back, but trying to keep everyone from getting it! Whew. Then we all got it, anyway.), then some sort of head cold/flu, followed by some stomach nastiness. I still have Christmas sitting out, even that which has been "put away", is really just stashed, lol! We'll get there, we have a couple days (in my dreams) of hard work, but it will happen. Your reason is such a lovely one - do enjoy your baby! Before you know it, your house will be tidy, but your baby grown.

  5. Thank you for this Amanda! While mine are grown and gone (for the most part)...I teach 2-3 year olds once a week and hear from so many of their moms how awful they feel about themselves because they "can't keep up". Pinterest has a lot to do with that!!! I have always said, "while the photo they choose to show is perfect, you never know what is just outside the frame of the shot!!!" Thanks for keeping it real.

  6. I don't even have a new born at home and my house looks like that. A lot. Except without the baby toys. Now, it's just junk mail, Legos, shoes, throws and random stuff that needs to be put away. But, we live in our homes right? They're not magazines and we're real people. Enjoy the time with your new baby and your girls they're all that really matter anyway. :)

  7. I know all that isn't as funny to you as it is to us. I, for one, have a hard time loving blogs that don't "keep it real" now and again. It's fraudulent for them to pretend they are perfect. But just as bad for you to be so hard on yourself. So lighten up! - we have all been there, or will be... Enjoy your life and your little ones. They will be stinky teenagers before you know it and you will then have scads of time to play in the Blogosphere! Now, go take a rest and have a cup of something warm and wonderful!

  8. I love this post - thanks for keeping it real! :-)


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