Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not That Innocent

I hope you heard Britney Spears' singing when you read the title of this post, because I totally did. This looks like the precious face of a puppy angel, albeit a large-eared one, doesn't it?

It's been ten years since we've had a puppy in the house, and Ellie is giving us (and our Pomeranian, Emma) a grand reintroduction. 

Her current favorite toys are the plastic lid of a peanut butter jar and anything that squeaks. Her favorite things to chew are my chair legs and the legs of small children who might be passing through the kitchen. Michaela Byrd, whose skinny legs are the approximate width of a No. 2 pencil, makes an excellent victim.

Likes? Eating as many cicada bugs as possible while being walked in the backyard. Cherry picking dishes off the table when children aren't paying attention. Dislikes? Being left alone for any period of time. An empty food bowl.

I say this jesting because I realize that a lot of this is normal puppy behavior, and most of it can be curbed. 

We're working really, really hard on the whole "no bite" thing and making her understand that the girls are not chew toys. I need to get some bitter apple stuff to put on the furniture legs. I'm also struggling through the house training...the cicada bugs are out and really threw me for a loop. Ellie has to be leashed when we go out now so she doesn't stuff herself with too many bugs and forget about the whole potty thing. It's super-fun.

On the bright side, it's so fun to see a puppy explore a whole new world. We've been careful to keep her home until she's through all of her shots, but she has enjoyed meeting some family members and their dogs. She seems to be pretty smart. I taught her "sit" the other day in just two tries. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen a few Ellie-themed "Don't worry, Mom" pics. I plan on keeping those up...they make me smile. 

What's your best puppy tips?

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  1. Just in case she likes the bitter apple (my puppy did) Tabasco sauce works too.

  2. so beautiful! I've had two shepherds and they are wonderful pets.

    My best tip is to use hand signals when you're training, the dogs understand them better than words, plus they're consistent.

    Enjoy your beautiful pup, this time goes by so very quickly.


  3. Those eyes. THOSE EYES!!! I seem to remember you mentioning she's a German Shepherd, and I've heard those doggies are suuuuper smart.

  4. I've never commented on your site before but since puppies are my love I had to. She is darling. Please remember she is a baby and will likely be in the toddler stage for some time although her body will continue to grow. My Cairn terrier used to love to chew our cherry wood furniture- not the pine stuff- apparently she tasted a difference. Also, she LOVED tabasco sauce which my mom liberally doused all over the place. She'd lovingly lick it off and nibble at the furniture. My Westie when he was a puppy chewed on our island corner when he was sleepy. You see he was teething and that corner helped him. So, the best thing I found that worked for my terriers were big, flavorful knuckle bones. They ADORED them. It's funny to watch a 7 pound dog drag around a 3 lb bone! When they are in this teething stage- watch them vigilantly and provide them several chewy options which hopefully will be more enticing than your kids or furniture. FYI, my fur babies love frozen popsicle sticks and carrots. Also, NEVER make the mistake of using old socks as toys. Our puppies attacked feet for years when they saw them coming around a corner they would POUNCE! I'd suggest crating them when you leave for short periods of time or leaving them in a safe room that cannot be damaged at least until the puppy teething/ potty training stage is over. I hope this helps. Your new family member is a beauty!

  5. I agree with Domestic Engineer, knuckle bones and deer antlers are the best for chewers. They do not upset their stomachs like some of the raw hide bones as well. And yes, when training hand signals always work better (say the word too, but make sure to use a consistent hand signal as well).

  6. Oh how fun! Here's hoping she stops chewing on your daughter's legs soon. That would get old. ;)

    And good old Britney--THAT'S a blast from the past. :)

  7. Wish I have a puppy! So cute and your lucky to have one that your kids can play with!


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