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Banana Bread Recipe with One Banana

Did you know you can make Banana Bread with just one banana? I didn't until yesterday! I had one measly brown banana and didn't want to throw it out. With a little Google help, I found a recipe from What a Crock! and tweaked it by adding a few extras. It turned out great, so I'm sharing it with you today:
Banana Bread Recipe with One Banana, from Serenity Now blog

Banana Bread Recipe with One Banana, from Serenity Now blog

Banana Bread with One Banana


1 large very ripe banana
1 egg with enough milk to make 1 cup (I used whole milk because that's what my girls drink)\
1 stick of butter, softened
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
Walnuts (optional)
Chocolate Chips (optional)
Dash of cinnamon (optional)


*Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. 

1. Dump all of the ingredients (except for the nuts and chocolate chips) into your mixer bowl; no need to combine. I just broke the banana up into a couple of chunks. 
2. Mix on low to medium-low until most of the chunks are gone. 
3. Grease a baking pan. (Grease it really well...the bottom of my bread stuck because I didn't grease it well enough!)
4. If you're adding chocolate chips, mix them into the batter and pour into the bread pan. Top with sprinkles of walnuts.
5. Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. Use a toothpick to determine if the bread is cooked all the way through.

It is a very dense, moist (I hate that word) bread. Very tasty!
Banana Bread Recipe with One Banana, from Serenity Now blog

My girls eat pretty healthy breakfasts: eggs, toast, fruit, whole wheat waffles, healthier sometimes I like to treat them with muffins or a yummy bread. Paired with some scrambled eggs and a small serving of fruit, this would make for a very yummy morning meal!

What's your favorite type of bread?

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  1. I love to make Italian Herb bread in my bread machine. We bought the bread machine last year and it's been my favorite home gadget ever since!

  2. I love this recipe, and I think I'll try it this week end. I already have some bananas. They get ripe so fast, and I always feel bad throwing them away.

  3. Oooh yum! I also sometimes find myself with one gross old banana and usually toss it into the freezer until it has some friends...but this looks delicious! Pinning!

  4. This looks so yummy! I always have one left over banana that gets thrown out. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. Yummy! I love banana bread - and I often have that "1 banana problem" (which is funny to me because bananas are such a cheap fruit!). I'll have to try this this weekend!

  6. Its in the oven now!!

  7. I made this about a month ago and am getting ready to pop another one in the oven. This is the best banana bread~~Moist and just right!!
    And since I live alone I don't always have more than 1 really ripe banana left over. I usually only but 2-3 at a time and eat them up.
    So thank you for sharing this recipe!! It's quick, Easy & oh so delicious!!

  8. Oh~~And I also added more cinnamon than this called for but I am a cinnamon gal. The 1st time I made this I added 1 1/2 tsp. and it was just right!!


  9. Fantastic recipe! I made it with the following mods:
    -egg substitute was 1T sunflower oil, 2T water, and 2t baking powder;
    -used almond milk instead of whole milk;
    -whole wheat flour instead of white
    -no cinnamon
    -mini chips and walnuts mixed in

    Greased the pan with butter (you are right - be very generous! mine stuck). Baked for 50mins. It is excellent!! Crunchy on outside, moist on inside. An exceptional bread! Thank you~


  10. I am so excited to try this! Also, I'm LOVING that you are a Virginia native. I'm from Los Anageles and just starting to blog about living well. Looking forward to following your blog & other sites. Thanks for the terrific post and pics.

  11. Boyfriend just left to get the chocolate chips and I used hazel nut creme instead of the milk.....I cant wait to try it! The batter already tastes great!

  12. Hubby loved it! Thank you!

  13. Just made today and it was wonderful. Thanks for this great recipe.

  14. I couldn't find my mom's banana bread recipe, only had one banana, and luckily stumbled upon your blog!

    I made your banana bread for my roommates to take on a camping trip and it was a HUGE hit!

    Definitely will make it again, thanks for posting it!

    ** I subed the whole milk for almond milk (its all I had), and didn't add in any of the chocolate chips or walnuts

  15. Not sure what I did wrong, but the first time I tried I wound up with pretty big lumps of butter that wouldn't become part of the batter no matter how much I mixed it. Then pools of butter formed while I was cooking.
    The next time I mixed the butter and sugar and bananas together first and then added the dry ingredients. Worked better for me. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  16. I made this for my cousins who were coming over for coffee this morning. I think I managed to whip it all together in 10 mins or less and then I put them in cupcake tins with the paper cups. I sprayed the insides of the paper cups with butter flavored cooking spray to give more flavor and so less would stick. I didn't have any chocolate chips, but I did have leftover Butterscotch Morsels in my cupboard so I used them instead. Besides that I followed the recipe and added the other optional ingredients listed (walnuts, cinnamon). All I can say is "Oh my God"...

    Thank You for sharing your recipe...

  17. I recently discovered non-stick foil. I placed a sheet to cover the complete inside of a glass loaf pan and poured the batter in. The bread baked perfectly and I simply pulled it out of the pan by lifting edges of foil. It works great when baking anything. Also in this recipe I used 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2,cup sugar and threw in a splash of vanilla. Great recipe and so easy!

  18. Omg!! It was so good!

  19. Hi! This recipe is so good, and the family loves it. It;s a great way to use that one banana that always gets left behind. Amazing and so easy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Yummy! My roommate had left a single banana in the kitchen, and it was getting very brown. I had never made banana bread with just one banana before, and my recipes didn't look like they would scale down well, so I'm glad I found yours. After getting my roommate's permission, I tried your recipe with the following adjustments:
    - oat flour, brown rice flour and oat bran
    - soy milk instead of milk
    - coconut oil instead of butter, not quite 1/2 cup
    - brown sugar, and only 1/3 cup of it
    I baked muffins in paper liners at 350 deg F for 35 minutes and then decorated the tops of some of them with melted dark chocolate. I would have liked to include walnuts or pecans, but I didn't have any. The banana bread tastes great! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Can I use 1/4 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup?

  22. We always have one poor ugly banana left, this is the perfect use for it. Thanks for sharing!


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