Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Need Your Help Choosing Photos!

I shared some fun pictures from our week in Myrtle Beach, but I didn't share the photos I snapped on the beach one morning. I want to order 3 16 x 20 canvas prints from Easy Canvas Prints (one of my sponsors!), but I can't decide which photos to choose. Please, please help me!

The prints will be going over my family room couch (soon to be slipcovered) in a new gallery wall:

I am clearly not a professional photographer, but I really wanted a few shots of my girls on the beach. I managed to wake them up early, and hauled them down to the shore around 7 am. They wore pettiskirts and the embellished rosette tank tops I made for them before the trip.

Please tell me which 3 you think would look good above my couch! I'm thinking that vertical prints might be best for the space??

I haven't edited these, except for a bit of cropping and to add my watermark...



3 (Not a "beach" photo, but a good photo of Natalie in the pettiskirt):








I'm leaning towards the first three photos, even though #3 wasn't taken on the beach. The girls weren't particularly thrilled about going down to the beach at 7 am to have their pictures taken, so we didn't stay long.  Obviously not professional quality, but I actually like the idea of displaying photos that I took myself. Sometimes that's the only option you have when professional photography is not an option.

Which 3 do you think I should choose for the canvas order? 

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  1. What great pics! Personally I'd go with 1, 6, and 7. In my own house, I would want a picture of both girls in the middle, then individuals on each side. I would either want them all vertical, or only the one in the middle to be a different orientation. No matter what, I'm sure you will love it. You can't go wrong with pic of your beautiful girls. :)

  2. #8 is my favorite!!! I would do 1,7,8, but can't really go wrong here.

  3. 1, 5, 9. These ones are more about the girls being at the beach, rather than the focus being on the girls, per se.

    Good luck choosing!

  4. I vote for #1, #7 and #8. All of them are awesome though! I can see how you had a hard time choosing.

  5. They are so cute! My favs are 1 2 3 or 5 6 7. Too cute!


  6. They're all super good pics - looks like Port Aransas in Texas! The only one I wouldn't pick is #9. This is going to be a hard choice! And don't knock your photog skills - you have an eye for capturing your kids in a natural way (:

  7. I love #1! They're all good, but that one is a stunner. Do you by any chance have a woodland up-close shot of Byrdie?

    I really like #6, #7, and #8 as well. I don't think that all the shots you choose have to be vertical, but that's just me.

    I think you're a great photographer, by the way. Besides, you don't have to use a professional photographer to get great photos of these girls!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I personally like 1, 5, 10 :)

  9. Super cute pics! I like #2,3, and 5. There's something about that #5 profile pic I really like. Good luck choosing!

  10. When it's your kids on the pics, its really, really hard to choose favorites - excpet of course, those shots that with eyes half closed etc. But your girls are naturally cute, adorable and all their pics are terrific. However, if I were to choose, I'd choose 1,2 & 7. I love 1 becuase of how aritstic it is, looking over the horizon, looking towards the their future, very meaningful to look at. The 2's and 7's I like because I would love to have them both have their own spotlight, solos for each, their smiles all their own.

    I have placed my family pics on canvas in our living room, if you have time Amanda, check it out here...

    But again, I'm an outsider looking in. Your pictures may have stories behind each, and sometimes, that's the main reason you choose a picture to show off. Good luck :-)

  11. I agree with 1, 2 and 3. But they are all fabulous, which definitely makes it difficult.

  12. Hi Amanda! We will probably just confuse you with all our different opinions. They are all good, but I LOVE 7 and 8...they look so natural and not posed...what beautiful little girls! Can't wait to see the finished portraits. I can't wait to get my son's senior pics on canvas when I get ready to do my gallery wall. :)

  13. I think #1 with both girls together showing sister love and big sister protection. Then one of each girl alone so I go with #2 because I love the playful look on her face and then #8 because that one just is gorgeous!

  14. I really like #4 (or #9) for the girls together and #7 and #8 of the girls individually. I'm a big fan of the non-conventional, not looking at the camera shots.

  15. You cannot go wrong with any of them. My fav are 1,6 and 7.

    So cute.

  16. They are all so cute! I love 1 and 5!

  17. Oh what a decision! But my favourites are 1, 7, & 8.
    And they don't look unprofessional! They look fantastic, and I really believe they will be absolutely perfect above your couch. Great pictures...all of them!
    Debbie :)

  18. This is a tough choice! My top three are 1, 5, 8 but my choices aren't fair to both girls and that wouldn't work.

  19. Aww these are sooo sweet Amanda! I love number 5 with #2 & #3 on either side, they're all so beautiful. You must be one proud mama!

  20. What beautiful girls! It's hard to choose, but I think 1,2, & 3 are great picks. Good luck!

  21. Great photos! I would pick 5, 6, and 7 to enlarge and put over your sofa.

  22. They are all wonderful. 1 is priceless. After that I would go with 7 and 8.


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