Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Have an Organized Christmas Season

Are you enjoying my Season of Serenity (Now) at Home series? You can click here to start from the beginning, so you don't miss any of these great creative holiday tips and tricks. My house can really get out of control when I let myself get distracted during this busy season. Today, Becky from Organizing Made Fun is going to share some tips on Christmas Organization

Take it away, Becky!
Organizing your Christmas!

Hello! I'm Becky from Organizing Made Fun and I was invited to share some organizing with you for the Christmas Season.

Christmas is the time of year that is filled with joy and excitement. MY excitement comes with all the organizing opportunities I have! I know, I'm crazy. But, bear with me...take for instance, this wonderful organizing thing. Yes, it's an apple container/holder from Costco. But, doesn't it look like it can hold something else important?

It can! It can hold ornaments! I love cheap organizing!

I also love to organize my Christmas containers more easily by taking pictures of exactly what it looked like when I open it up OR before I put it back. Why? It's like a jigsaw puzzle trying to figure out what went where. And, for most of us, putting the decorations away isn't nearly as fun as taking them out!

So, my boxes have the Christmas items listed on the outside and also a picture posted on the inside of the lid.

It's similar to what I do in my game cupboard and family room cupboards to help everyone know where everything goes. It makes the effort of putting it all away much easier and faster:

Also, the older I get, the more I realize that things don't  have to be perfect, especially with decorating. SO, I give my kids a lot of freedom to decorate things. We have many trees for Christmas - one in the living room, one in our family room, and one on our deck {we live in Southern California and use the deck nearly year-round}.

The kids are super helpful. The Christmas tree in our family room we've made specifically for all their homemade-kid ornaments. They love that tree, and it's smaller than the other trees.

The one on the deck has plastic ornaments to withstand the "elements" of being out there.

The last thing I want to share with you is what to do with all the Christmas cards from friends and family after Christmas is over.

What do you do with all of them? 

Well, after Christmas, I donate the cards to places that need them. Then, all the family pictures I cut out - it takes awhile, but I can just watch an episode of Biggest Loser while I'm doing it. We have a large bulletin board over our entry dresser that I put all the pictures of everyone that sends us a card. I take down the old ones, and yes, I throw them away! But, I put up the new ones and you wouldn't believe how many people stop and look at those pictures when they are over at our house!

I hope you enjoy this season and keep it organized, too! Thank you, Amanda, for having me here to share my favorite thing to do, organize, with everyone for this Christmas season!

Thanks, Becky, for taking time for your own busy holiday schedule to share these awesome tips with us. I love to read about organization, but I am not always the best about implementing it. Thanks for the motivation!

Please be sure to visit Becky at Organizing Made Fun, a blog full of delightful organizing tips for any home!

Come back tomorrow for some ideas to make throwing your annual holiday party less stressful!


  1. So many great tips! I need to be better about labeling my stuff! It is always a surprise when we pull down our Christmas boxes:)

  2. I just love Becky! She's full of so many great ideas!!! Apple containers for ornaments, seriously she's an organizing genius! :)


  3. Oh, it must be nice to be like Becky! I need to hire her to come and just re-do my house from top to bottom. My husband would probably think he'd died and gone to heaven if I were even half that organized!

    Thank you for such a helpful series, Amanda!

  4. Organizing holiday boxes and then taking a picture of what it is supposed to look like is a genius idea!

    My boxes used to be really organized but have gotten pretty messy over the years when I've been in a hurry to put the decorations away. I think I may now be inspired to be a bit more careful to put things away neatly when Christmas is put away.

  5. Great ideas!! I never thought about putting ornaments into the apple cartons. Super!!


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