Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tinsel Garland Wreath (Dollar Tree Decor)

Don't we all love to make a good impression with curb appeal? What better way to greet your holiday guests than with a festive wreath? My own Christmas wreath was starting to look pretty faded, so I decided to make a new one using items from the local Dollar Tree store. This Christmas Garland Wreath cost just $5 to make, and takes less than 10 minutes to put together!

Here's what you need to make your own wreath:

  • Wreath form (straw or foam...straw was all my store had on hand)
  • Spray paint
  • 3 or 4 Christmas tinsel garlands 
  • Scissors
  • Wide ribbon
  • Masking Tape
*Before you start wrapping your tinsel, you may want to spray paint your wreath form. I painted mine white so that any parts showing through would blend in with our door! I used cheap WM spray paint that I had on hand and one quick coat was all it took.


1. Loop one end of your garland through the wreath form.
2. Secure the end with a knot.
3. Tightly wrap your tinsel garland around and around the wreath form, being careful not to leave any gaps. 
4. Tuck the other end of the garland under the wrapped portion and secure the wreath to your door following my Wreath Hanging Tutorial (excellent if you own a metal door like I do)

My mom kept making comments about how the wreath needed a little something extra so to keep her quiet and to stop the voices in my head, I added that Dollar Tree "Ho Ho Ho" glitter sign to the wreath with some florist's wire.


If you are drawn to glitter and shiny things like I am, this is the wreath for you...especially if you're on the hunt for something last minute. I love simple, quick crafts like this--talk about keeping your sanity levels stable!

If you're looking for more creative tips and tricks to keep some Serenity in your life this holiday season, please click over and check out the other links in my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity (Now) at Home. There are all sorts of great posts on organizing, crafts, fashion, party planning, and more!


  1. Very cute! I'll bet that this really sparkles at night when your house is lit up with lights.

  2. Cute sparkle for almost no money! Excellent! Good idea to paint the wreath to match your door--that's a tip worth remembering. And I like the ho-ho-ho. I'll bet the girls love this!

  3. Amanda your wreath is SUPER cute! I love the glitter sign:)

  4. I love this! It's so festive & bright! This would make a fun gift for a hostess or co-worker too. :-)

  5. Very cute! You are so creative. And thrifty!

  6. This is SUPER cute! I do love me some shiny things!


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