Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Virginia State Fair

When T is not working, he enjoys spending time with his leather couch. They are kindred spirits. So when he suggested that we take the girls to the State Fair last week, I was really excited about a fun afternoon of family time. He invited his mom to join us, and we headed south for the Virginia State Fair last Wednesday.

I haven't been to a state fair since I was a little girl, so my eyeballs almost popped out when I realized we dropped at least $150 on admission, games, rides, and 3 ice cream cones. Looking back, it really was worth it--the girls had a blast and it was a good experience. I thought I'd share some pictures from our day. I just wish we'd been able to see it at night--a whole different sight!

Everyone knows state fairs are beacons of healthy eating:

We may have indulged....

My personal favorite part of the afternoon was riding the Ferris Wheel with Michaela Byrd, who enjoyed it so much she tried to stand up and look over the edge of the compartment. Almost gave me a heart attack.

We all enjoyed the agricultural center, with the exception of the "live calf birth" going on...the man on the loudspeaker took great personal joy in narrating that poor cow's traumatic labor. I did my best to talk loudly and distract the girls with baby ducks so they didn't start asking me what a birth canal is. There are some things I don't care to explain at the state fair.

The fair was pricey enough that we'll probably hold off on going again for another year or two. I think we'll stick with the more affordable pumpkin patch next time. Overall, a very fun afternoon though!

Have you ever been to your state fair?

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  1. I am a huge fan of state fairs and everything they have to offer. Farm animals, rides, junk food extravaganza, people watching that usually makes it fun to try to guess who's doing meth and who's just keeping things interesting....but the cost shocks me every time!

    I love going, but I can't believe anyone can afford it these days. How are all these people shelling out $30 per family member for a rides wristband and all you can eat corn dogs? It's truly something to marvel at every time I go.

    I can't get over the joy of seeing my kids watch a pig race or ride a pony though. I love for them to experience that!

    Looks like a fun family day!

  2. We used to show our dairy goats at the VA state fair every year when I lived in VA. The fair was so much fun - used to look forward to going and spending a few days. It was neat to see your pictures, they brought back memories.
    I remember the guy narrating births - always used to feel sorry for the poor cows having to give birth in a crowd!

  3. What great photos! You really do get some good shots of your girls--which totally makes sense, considering how photogenic they are. But that little pig!! I don't know how photogenic he or she is, but he sure looks adorable in your picture!

    We've lived in North Carolina for almost ten years now, and I've only been to the state fair once. Back when we lived in Michigan, though, we went to the county fair every year. I just loved it--we could walk from our house and I think the admission was $2 or $3. And on Sunday afternoon you got discounted admission if you brought your church bulletin! :)

  4. We love the fair! We go every year...and have since I was little! It is a tradition for us, but the price is never something I look forward too. We go on two for one night, so it isn't quite as bad. And man this post has me wanting a corn dog and a funnel cake!

  5. I'm cracking up about the narration of the live birth. Oh my goodness. Looks like a great time! I've NEVER been to the state fair. how is that possible? Better start saving my pennies.

  6. I haven't been to the state fair in years. I'm always surpriesed by all the interesting food they have for sale. I have heard now they have fried butter. I can't imagine haveing a craving for that though. However, I am a huge sucker for funnel cakes! That alone is almost worth going.

    Looks like your family enjoyed it. I am so glad y'all enjoyed a day out together.

  7. I love fairs! County fairs, state fairs! I've been to one every year since I can remember!! You're right though... SUPER expensive. I showed animals as a kiddo (i.e. pigs, sheep, rabbits). It was a HUGE expense to be there for the three or four days to show your animals!!! Looks like you had a great time though!

  8. How fun! I think I remember going to this when I was little...really little so its a pretty vauge memory. Looks like the girls had fun :-) That poor cow! My mister is full of stories about birthing calfs (calves?) haha! He practically grew up on his uncle's dairy farm & even worked there a for few summers, its amazing the wealth of knowledge he has about them. Haha! :-)

  9. How fun! I went to the Montgomery County Fair this year, but I can't remember ever going to a state fair.

  10. We went to the Texas State Fair this week and had a terrific time as well! Thanks for sharing your terrific pictures and I'm excited to read more from your blogging series. I appreciate the advice and link ups. I'm your 'newest' friend! I'l love to have you stop by some time! I'm with you on photography...its a totally must for me, too!


  11. I'm glad they moved the State Fair, but I think that the price they charge to get in the door is outrageous. It is not family friendly on the pocket book as you mentioned.

    I have to admit I want that baby pig you showed. Too cute!

  12. What fun! I love love love the state fair and my husband and I are making a trip to ours next Thursday!

  13. I honestly didn't think about how expensive it would be to take a family of four to the fair. When your kids are older, if they go with their school, then it will be a much cheaper trip.

    From junior high on, I spent four days at the state fair each fall participating in the state 4-H horse show. I have many fond memories of the fair from those days.

    I love the great photos you took of the girls on the ride and with the animals.

  14. We go to the State Fair of Texas every year ... the kids even get a day off school and free fair tickets. We just went this week, in fact. I love it. It's a day of fried food for us!

  15. That piglet is adorable! Never been to a state fair, though when I was in high school (in Canada) we went to the County Fair every fall. I do seem to recall sneaking in the back way once to avoid the price of admission. :P

  16. Looks like fun! We haven't been in several years. It is CRAZY how expensive it is!! I can't imagine witnessing a live cow birth, wow!


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