Friday, May 13, 2011

::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

I'm back! I am still sorting through all this Blogger mess, and they seem to have deleted several of my "picks" for today's Features, so here are a few from memory...

Welcome to Weekend Bloggy Reading. I hope you'll link up your best post of the week today, and maybe leave me some comment love! Join this party and link back to me or include my party button within your post for an automatic extra entry in this week's Giveaway for a "Serenity" pillow cover from my shop! Click over to enter if you haven't already.

All kinds of posts are welcome--recipes, crafts, funny stories, home decor, etc.; but please do not link to Etsy shops, businesses, items for sale, etc. (I have a Sponsors section, if you'd like to Advertise with me.)

Here are a few of my faves from this week:

sources listed below

~Wendy worked some makeover magic and ended up with a Delightful Dollhouse.

~A tomato pie with pancetta and basil could be a tasty addition to your Spring al fresco meals.

~Recycled Post Office boxes paired with decorative paper, jute twine, and office key tags became stylish storage containers at Bon Temps Beignet.
~This burlap table runner has a modern ruffled treatment, courtesy of Living with Lindsay. The green is a nice Spring touch.

~And me? This week featured:

  • A huge pain in the butt "power outage" from Blogger that resulted in the loss of my Giveaway post's comments
  • A current Blessings Unlimited Giveaway for a "Serenity" Pillow Cover (join this party and link back to me or include my party button within your post for an automatic entry). 
  • The discovery that I Don't Need to Buy Furniture Anymore.
  • The latest session in Commenting 101: a "How-To" post regarding Word Verification on blogs and why it stinks
  • A reminder that the next I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter link party is next week: Mon-Fri. Come and share your Silhouette/Cricut/Stencil/Transfer projects, tips, and tricks!

    Time to link up your best post of the week (please take the time to include a link-back or my party button and visit some of the other participants!)

    Here's the button code if you'd prefer to use that rather than a link-back:
    Weekend Bloggy Reading

    Party is open until 10 pm (ET) on Sunday night.

    Remember that blog parties work best when bloggers participate, so if you have a chance to visit a few of the other links, you might find a new friend or two!

    Out to dinner tonight and not much planned this weekend beyond straightening up, a get together with a few friends, and church on Sunday.

    What are you up to this weekend?

    Hope to be back this weekend with some highlights from Weekend Bloggy Reading!

    (This Code is for blogs featured today!):
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    **Update: My Blessings Unlimited Giveaway post was just republished by Blogger, but the comments are gone! I hope you'll stop by to enter it, if you haven't already. I have the existing comments saved in my email in case Blogger doesn't also restore those. Thank you for your patience with me!**


    1. Thank you so much for hosting, Amanda. I'm glad Blogger sorted out their irksomeness!


    2. I feel your frustration! I'd log in, it would say I was anonymous and I couldn't comment on anyones blog. And now, my last post is gone as well! I hope they get it all sorted out.

    3. Sending you happy vibes. The blogger issue was bad enough for me, I imagine just how terrible it was for you :( Sorry! I think you deserve a mocha!!

    4. Glad to see everything is back to normal on Blogger. Sorry you lost your giveaway post. That really stinks.

      Enjoy your evening out. We are headed out tonight, too!

    5. thanks for hosting the linky party - it has been a frustrating few days with blogger but it looks like *some* of it is back - I'm missing an entire post still from earlier this week, so we'll see what happens! getting ready to visit some links and spread some comment love!

      Mary @ Redo 101

    6. Thank you for sticking it out and hosting this week! I lost my post from yesterday in what ever has happened in the blogworld! Now, I need to go see what goodies you have found for us this week. Happy Weekend, sweet Amanda!!!

    7. Thanks for hosting despite the blogger craziness. That was insane wasn't it?

      I lost a reaaaaaly long draft that I was going to split into two or three posts. Fortunately I was able to get the post (which I linked here) from my cache. Oh well, guess it wasn't that great. ;)

    8. flipping blogger! i lost a post, and it didn't even save the draft. i was so sassy-i couldn't recreate it in my repost. it was like anger mixed with sass, so it didn't work. thanks for hosting, anyway!

    9. Hi Amanda! Thanks again for hosting...glad to be back among the blogging...

    10. Love that you chose Liz's boxes from Bon Temps Beignet. She was one of the very first bloggers I've met...she's genuine, amazingly creative, and a blogger to watch!

      Thanks for hosting. I've been slacking on the creative front the past few weeks...

    11. I'm new to blogging and I wish I understood this whole link party thing! I love your blog and I love visiting all the other blogs! I have already joined many of the other ones just by the links I have found here. Can't wait to read more about how link party works and join one of yours very soon!

    12. Hey Amanda! I was so frustrated with Blogger, too. (but in a way, it was secretly nice to be forced to work on other stuff)

      Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend.

    13. thanks for hosting!!!

    14. Ohhh Amanda, that Chocolate PB Cake looks AMAZING !!! I MUST make that, YUM!

    15. Hi Amanda! Hope you're having a great weekend. Thanks again for hosting! I'm excited to see some fun projects from the linky party (:

    16. Hi Amanda!! Thanks so much for the feature :)

    17. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, what an honor! I'm slowly learning about linking and parties and all! I hope you enjoy making my homemade yogurt!
      I love your blog and I can't wait to learn more from you!


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