Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mini Rehab?

Does this look like a girl who hates chocolate?

I can't really say where she gets her affinity for the heavenly stuff we call chocolate . I totally once devoured a bag of pretzel M and Ms in about 20 seconds and I've been known to eat brownie batter when no one is looking.

I told the girls the other day that they could each eat the ears off of their (hollow) chocolate Easter bunnies if they ate all of their veggies and fruit for lunch.

"Noooo. I goin' to eat da feet." said Michaela Byrd, giving me the look that means she's ready for some serious negotiation.

I shrugged and turned around to wash the dishes. "Okay, but just the feet."

Silence. I washed a few dishes....

When I turned around again, my three year old was frantically knawing off bites of the melted hunk of chocolate that was once rabbit-shaped. I could see what vaguely appeared to be part of the head and ears.

"Byrdie!" I shouted. "Did you eat that whole thing?"

"She did." Natalie stated, nodding with the satisfaction an older sibling feels when a younger sister is about to get it. I started to question my oldest as to why she didn't say anything, but I think that was pretty obvious.

Michaela Byrd ignored me and continued to shovel broken bits of candy into her mouth with both chocolate covered fists.

"Give me that!" I commanded, reaching for what was left of the chocolate.

Moving more quickly than I have ever seen a three year move, she practically leaped from her booster seat and ran screaming from the kitchen, clutching the pitiful remains of her treat; face and hands smeared with chocolate, hair streaming behind her.

She very much resembled a tiny junkie on a high. I briefly considered phoning the ATF or the FBI or the Intervention show people or maybe even Oprah because I'd very much like to be on her show before it ends even if it means I'd be known as the mom with the chocaholic kid.

As it was, I didn't phone anyone. The incident ended with a scolding, a time out, and a very wet paper towel to erase the melted chocolate.

But I have lingering doubts as to whether or not I ought to look into some sort of Mini Rehab for little ones. Maybe a Chocaholics Anymous?

Let me ponder that while I sample this leftover Reese's Peanut Butter Egg trail mix.

{What's your favorite leftover Easter candy?}


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I have to say I am addicted to chocolate too, so I can totally relate to your daughter. I probably would have done the same thing. The feet just weren't enough :)

  2. Haha, great post! I decided that I would be a horrible mom if I let my kids eat all of that candy, so decided to be like betty crocker and made m&m cookies, reese brownies and the like... then it dawned on my that I was just pumping them with even more sugar. Maybe i'm just as addicted as they are :)

  3. That is too funny that she wanted to start feet first! My fav Easter candy are the reeses anything...I wouldn't be able to stop with just a few bites either. Thanks for sharing this cute story!

  4. If you find any info about chocoholics rehab, send it my way! :)

    My husband was just telling me yesterday that he doesn't understand why people (me) don't just STOP eating sweets after ONE brownie. I had to explain to him that it's CHEMICAL, honey, and you wouldn't understand. :)

  5. Hahaha! Adorable! I'm sure she enjoyed every last little bit she could get in her mouth before you caught her. :-)

  6. Great post, I am dying!!! Love her adorable chocolate-y smile!
    My little guy is also a chocaholic like his mom and can often be found with traces of melted hershey coconut creme kisses (heaven in a tiny blue foil package)on his lips.

  7. My sympathies are completely with your little Byrdie. I've been known to say, "Oh, I'll just go ahead and finish this and put it out of its misery"--and then polish off a bag of whatever. My favorite? Oh, that would be hard to say. M&M's, maybe. Or Reese's peanut butter eggs. Mmmmm.

    Let me know if you find a good chocolate rehab place. Maybe I could be Michaela Byrd's guardian-in-residence.

  8. lol. Just blame it on being a girl. I really think chocolate is a girls best friend, even though diamonds are a close second. I, like your daughter would not have been able to stop myself either. Hope your week continues to bring you laughter with your girls!


  9. Hilarious! Sounds like Isa ;o)
    Ugh, the afternoon after Easter she was like a crack addict.. the sugar lows were enough to make me hide!

    My personal favorite Easter candy? I like good ol' jelly beans..

  10. Oh, she is just too cute for's really hard to discipline them when they are that stinkin' cute isn't it!!!

  11. Hilarious! I guess she likes chocolate just as much as her mommy :)

  12. Too funny! The chocolate bunny was the first thing Henry went for too:) We ate about half but only because I wouldn't let him have the whole thing right before church...he finished it off the next day!

  13. Funny post! My kids have learned from my example too. We have a houseful of chocolate lovers!

  14. LOL. I have nothing other than that for ya! ;) She is great! And I love Natalie's matter of fact response. Ah to be the big sister!

  15. This is adorable.

    And, as a relatively new mom of 2, I am just starting to appreciate that "he's gonna get it!" voice from my oldest. Precious!

  16. I bet she feels it was totally worth the time out!

  17. Haha! Poor little girl--I feel her pain. Whenever I catch my kids guiltily binging on something I've told them not to, I think of that 80's "Just Say No" ad where the dad asks, "where did you learn (to do drugs)?" and the son replies in a tortured voice, "I learned it from you, Dad...I learned it from you." We have a whole family in need of serious chocolate intervention :).

  18. Love it!! :) We have had the chocolate bunny negotiation repeatedly during the last couple weeks at our house.. guaranteed my 3 y.o. Lacey would do the same thing if left to her own devices for more than, oh 30 seconds. I have a hard time punishing without laughter b/c she comes by it so honestly.

  19. Such a cute and funny story- you can tell it at her wedding! I love that you call her Byrdie..... cutest thing I've heard for a long time! I have a daughter just like that! My favorite left over Easter candy (as though we have any;)? All of it:)

  20. Either that was a small bunny, you had a lot of dished to do, OR she knew she better eat it fast before you turned around. Whatever it was I think you just may have a chocolate lover on your hands. :o) Love the pic of her choco high. :o) When I was teaching (in a highfaluting district) one of my students would only eat Godiva dark chocolate. She was only 5 and already knew the joys of fine chocolate. She cracked me up!

  21. It's so hard to stop at just one body part:)

  22. LOL @ "off to sample trail mix!"

    I never really used to eat much chocolate, but then I began teaching adolescents. I learned to like chocolate real fast.

  23. That's awesome. I can totally picture it.

    My Monkey is addicted to ANYTHING unhealthy. Not sure where she got that from....

    But seriously - I feel your pain!

  24. Somebody should invent chocolate toothpaste, then it would actually be productive to consume chocolate...I'm just sayin! ;-)

  25. I think I might need Chocaholics Anonymous!!! LOL


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