Friday, October 8, 2010

::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

(Please read my one guideline before you link to this party! I spent a lot of time last weekend making the same "please link back" comment. Not fun for me.)

Aaaaand, Friday. Finally...
Yesterday was the very first MOPS meeting of the year for my group, and seeing all the summer's hard work come together was so much fun! In other important news, the Hobby Lobby is finally (!!) opening today, and I'm planning to stop by this morning with Michaela Byrd and a friend before our coffee date. Also, Verizon decided to get off their butts and attempt to remedy their crappy customer service record. After another angry phone call on Tuesday (because the DVR still didn't show up!), they sent the box and it got here yesterday. T hasn't set it up yet, so no word on whether or not it actually works and I am forced to burn it in a blind rage.

{What are you up to this weekend?}

Today is the fun day where I share a few of my favorite posts from around Blogland this week, and you get to link up the best post from your own blog this week.

All I ask is that you please include my party button within your post (code is below) OR a link back to me within your post.

Here are some of this week's faves:

~Beckie fell in love with Fremch Provincial furniture and showed her readers a gorgeous Nightstand Makeover.

~Have you been reading The Nester's Thirty One Days to a Less Messy Nest series? Solid gold reading, y'all!

~Kate shared some wonderful Kid-Friendly Halloween Drink Labels that she made herself. Can this girl be any more talented? (said in my best Chandler Bing voice)

~Richella's Dining room makes me want to drive right now to NC and have a cup of coffee with her (after tying my kids down so they don't break anything).

~Are you getting enough Oxygen, moms? Melissa had some great pointers!

~Check out Jen's beautiful Fall Vignette... Dollar Store, baby!
~And me?
On Monday, I gave you a peek at my first ever Blessings Unlimited party, and on Tuesday I shared a little Quickie Makeover in my Kitchen. I gave you another peek at what life for the two Roomies looks like, and I am currently hosting a fabulous Blog Design Giveaway from Laura Jane Designs! You can click over to enter, or add a link to this weekend's party for an extra entry. (Please remember that only blogs who link back with a good old-fashioned link within their post or add my party button to their post will be considered eligible!)

Time to link up your best post of the week to share! Let me know if you need help getting your link to appear.

Here's the button code if you'd prefer to use that instead of a link-back:
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Party is open for new links until 10 pm (ET) on Sunday. Please be sure to link back! (I totally know that I sound like a broken record and that the people who don't bother linking back are the ones who don't really even read my posts before linking up, but I thought I'd at least try....)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link up again this week! It's a fun linky and love all the weekend reading! I love that dining room, going to read that post now...

  2. thanks for introducing me to Kate's could I have missed them...they are adorable! I'm her newest fan.

  3. glad you got your dvr-hope you get it set up this weekend-you know i'm jealous :) have a great weekend and thanks for hosting!

  4. THANK YOU so much for the linky love! I really, really appreciate it! And you can come right down and we won't need to tie up your girls--my dining room has survived three boys and two dogs, so I think it can handle your angels!

    I'm linking up my post from yesterday. That baked apricots recipe is seriously my very best!

    Glad you got your new DVR; I hope it works like a charm. Have a great weekend!

  5. YAY for Hob Lob! You might hear me screeching with delight tonight when I go all the way from CP. Haha! I looooove Nester's 31 days posts & have decided to buy nothing but baskets at Hob lob tonight...and some yarn...& maybe some fall or Christmas decor too ;-P I'm loving Richella's dining room too, it needs to be in a magazine :-) See ya tomorrow!

  6. I've been reading The Nester's series too and been working to clear out the paper clutter around here. I love Jen's aqua fall vignettee- wouldn't have thought to do that, but it looks great!

    Here's my link if you have time to add it, it's not working for me.

    "White Kitchen"

    Have a great weekend Amanda:)

  7. Thanks for hosting Amanda. I went ahead and linked up. I'll be back later to visit everyone. Looks like some great links, as usual.

  8. Oh Amanda you blessed lady!!!! Hobby Lobby!!! What fun! There are rumors that Hobby Lobby is coming to our area too...oooooohhhh I so hope they are true! LOL

    Can't wait to see all your finds!

    For some reason my link won't add on your party...can you help me out?

    Name: Gifts to Unwrap

    thank you so much! Well gotta go make some Apple Cobbler! I'll take a tour of everyone's post later this weekend!

    Bless you!!!

    Mary Joy

  9. I've had fun reading your blog this week, just like every week. I linked up today! And I linked back to you in my post! Woo hoo! It's really not hard. haha

  10. Don't you just love (let's fact it, covet) Richella's house! And those turquoise pumpkins are fabulous!

  11. I CAN NOT believe that you just got your DVR! Wow. That is really poor customer service. You lucky, lucky girl. No Hobby Lobby here in Southern California. Hope the girls are adjusting to their new digs.

  12. I love that dining room too! Oh, to dream...

  13. Here from the Hop ... hope that you are having a Fab Fall Weekend. Down in FL, we are trying our very best to make it seems a little like Fall, trying :)
    Please make a note that Wednesday Wishlist is my blog hop on you guessed it, Wednesday - for The Twelve Weeks of Christmas with a fab bling piece giveaway - don't miss, make a note and you just have to sign up!

  14. Seriously, that dining room is haunting my dreams. Thanks for the link, Amanda. Hope you have a great weekend.

  15. I'm glad your nightmare is over & you got your DVR! :) I am so happy for you that you have Hob Lob now!!!! Don't know what I'd do without it!


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