Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Quick Note About This Week's Par-tay

Don't forget to swing by and link up to Weekend Bloggy Reading tomorrow with your best/favorite post of the week!

Soapbox time: I'm almost scared to post this, which is ridiculous, because it is my blog after all....This week, for this party, I'm asking that only bloggers who are willing to link back to me in their posts join in. I truly don't care if you use my button or include a text link back to Serenity Now (not hard, see?), but a link back in your post would be so appreciated. If I only end up with 10 links this week, so be it. If doing link backs within posts isn't your thing, I respect your choice. But please respect my decision to go in this direction this week.

While I enjoy hosting blog parties, any of you who have been around Blogland for awhile know that parties need to be beneficial for the hostess and the participant. I love hosting your links, visiting your blogs, and leaving comments! But it is a bit tiresome to put in the effort of organizing these parties and end up with only a handful of comments on my own post and a majority of entries that haven't linked back to me. I don't have a big huge blog with lots of Followers, so I really rely on those link-backs. It's just plain common courtesy. I'm hearing this more and more from other blog hostesses. Today's Creative Blog (See? I just linked to her. That wasn't hard) had a great, if not frank, post about the issue recently.

So I'm hopping down off the soapbox now. I hope you'll come join me tomorrow. We can party with class and style, right? Here's the button, in case you'd like to include it:
Weekend Bloggy Reading


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  1. Bravo, Amanda!!!!!!! You are SO right! I am so impressed with how you just stood up for yourself and others who are out there hosting parties! You are a wonderful and very generous blogger for doing all you do and linking back is SO important! You are always so sweet about visiting EVERYONE who lists with your party...that takes lots of time, I know!

    I will be here with bells on and WILL link back to YOU its the least I can do!

  2. I will still be here (with a link back)! :) And girl it is your blog and your party...speak your mind! :)

  3. This is a hard issue, you know? I clicked over and read the article at Today's Creative Blog. I thought she summed things up very well.

    I used to be totally opposed to anything other than having every post link directly back to every party. But I've come to see the point of the other side, too. There are lots of bloggers who link to so many parties, and if you're linking to lots and lots of them, it is kind of cumbersome to link back. I think maybe the idea of the link party has morphed into more of a place to showcase your projects rather than a place to visit with others. I can understand that--I would certainly LOVE to have more exposure, so I may start trying to link to more parties.

    Still, I like it best when everyone links back to the host. It seems like the most courteous thing to do. It's especially courteous to a host like you. You go to a LOT of trouble with your parties--you visit every entry and leave such encouraging comments, and you're one of the very few who do this. So I guess I think it's really up to you--you're the hostess, and if you'd specifically like for people to link back to your specific party, then that's totally fine by me!

    You know what? It IS a little bit of work to link directly back to a party. But it's worth it! The extra exposure is totally worth the 60 seconds of time it takes to publish the link.

  4. well said and totally understandable....i'll try to join in your Friday parties once the girls go back to school

  5. I don't think it is too much at all to ask your participants to link back to you. The parties in blogland are out of control and they end up being the same thing over and over. I'll bet that the majority of people who participate in the big parties leave their link and that's it. To not even leave a comment for the hostess is just plain rude. Would you go to a party and not socialize? NO! Would you go to a party and not thank the host? No!

    I'm looking forward to your party tomorrow! Thanks for hosting it!

  6. I've been thinking about this debate since the post on TCB. I've been on the fence. I can see it from both sides. And I was ready to start avoiding parties that did not allow the use of blog party list page referral (what I was doing). Then I had a lightbulb moment... and I found a way that I *think* might work to allow me to easily show blog buttons in my posts. We will see...

  7. I totally understand this and am glad you did it. It should be beneficial for you, period. I did (maybe will do again) a link party for Christmastime and it was great, but a lot of work. That's why I made it a set amount of time instead of continuing it.

    I'm more of a commenter, and don't hardly link up anymore. I hope you understand. But, I'll definitely be back to comment. :)

  8. Amen sister! You nailed this one. I actually really enjoyed your soapbox and think you should NOt get down! I hope what you said really makes people stop and think. It absolutely IS common courtesy and should not be overlooked! Kudos to you for being brave and bold, my friend!



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