Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Summer Clearance Shopping

Linking to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures today!
I've added a few things to my Thrifty Wish List over the summer, namely a metal shelving unit or etagere for my deck, but I haven't had much luck lately with yard sales or thrift stores. I refuse to buy thrift store stuff just for the sake of *stuff*, so the girls and I have been leaving Salvation Army empty-handed lately. If they don't have a decent looking buffet for me to makeover, we make the rounds and then head back into the parking lot.

I have found some great buys in local department and super stores, so I thought I'd share a few of those with you today. Like I said last week, it doesn't have to be from a yard sale to qualify as a thrifty my opinion, anyways.

Although it annoys me when stores start hauling out Christmas displays in October, I was delighted to see most summer items at Target marked down or on clearance this week. By marking summer stuff down now, we have plenty of time left to enjoy it!

On a mission to buy toilet paper and shaving cream for T, I hauled the girls in one of those giant 3-seater carts (their choice, of course) around the store...because it is Target, after all, and it's not fun unless you browse!

The Dollar Spot was sporting some cute Back to School items, and we picked up this Kitty Cat Travel Pillow for Michaela Byrd for $2.50.
Natalie has a pink travel pillow (also from the DS, several years ago) that causes much wailing and gnashing of teeth on long car trips. Now we have two, and I'm sure they'll fight over the kitty cat, but at least my kids won't have to nap in their car seats with their necks all tilted at odd angles. Who knows? Maybe that $2.50 will save us from visits to a chiropractor someday.

As we rounded the corner (it's really hard to round corners in those giant carts!), I gasped when my eyes fell upon a 50% Clearance rack end-cap. This 1 quart ice cream maker came home with us for $12.49. It was originally $25.
I know you can find ice cream makers relatively easily at yard sales and thrift stores, but there's never a guarantee that they're not on their last leg, or (even worse) already broken.

I decided that $12.49 was worth the cost to play around with our own flavors and have some more summer fun with the kids. My sister bought her own ice cream maker recently, and she gave me some tips over the phone. I can't wait to play around with this baby!

My last purchase wasn't particularly thrifty, but I snatched up the last 4 patio seat cushions in a pattern I'd been eyeing all summer. They go along with a little post I have planned for tomorrow, so if you stop by you can check them out.

What about you?

{Have you had any thrifty luck lately?}

Am I the only one who has lost her thrift store mojo? Or maybe my local shops are just experiencing a shortage of donations....either way, I'll keep looking for items on my list, but I'm trying not to bring home any more *stuff.*

In other news, our next Show Me the Progress party is coming up on Wednesday, July 28th!
I originally planned this party as a way for Decorating Dilemmas participants to share updates on their Dilemmas, but I think it would be fun to hear about Progress you're making in any area of your life!

This is going to be your chance to celebrate the little steps you've made lately, whether it's updating a design element in your home, working on your reading list, losing the last 5 pounds, losing the first 5 pounds, tackling that 6 foot tall pile of laundry, or finally finishing that craft project you've been holding off on.

You don't have to have linked up to a Decorating Dilemmas party to share at this party, and you don't have to have a completed project to link up. If you want to post about the best ideas you received for your Dilemma and ways you plan to implement them, that's fine.

This party is all about encouraging each other to meet those final goals. I hope you'll consider linking up!

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  1. Great buys at Target, we are heading out of town today so I might have to make a detour to Target! I have been super frustrated with our thrift stores lately, they have nothing! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I love your post! I too will not buy anything from a thrift store just to say we bought something. The last time I went I did find something wonderful though....a black, very nice, floor lamp with no shade. It was very dusty when we bought it and needed cleaning up. But for $5 it was real find for my living room. After cleaning it up with very little work, I added a shade from a lamp I had bought right before moving into our new house that doesn't fit is lovely right by my favorite chair in the living room.

    And thanks for the opportunity to add a progress report post to your party tomorrow...I'll be writing about my weight loss journey so far. Can't tell you anymore its a surprise! LOL

  3. Fun stuff. I love me some Tarjay. My husband and I thank you since he works for the company. ;)- It looks like your kids will have lots of yummy ice cream this summer. We got the same ice cream machine and our favorites so far have been chocolate, strawberry and mango. Sooo gooood.

  4. I found a great quirky cookbook at Williams-Sonoma (we don't have one here so I always love browsing when I'm out of time) for $6. Can't wait to try making homemade pasta or homemade ketchup. ;)

  5. I have that ice cream maker and I love it!

  6. My sister and I went to the giant fleamarket today; it's where we always used to go with my dad when we were kids. The only thing I got was a car charger for my BlackBerry for $5. Pretty good deal I think!

  7. I've been wanting one of those little ice cream makers! I'll have to check our Target and see if I can score one on sale, too!

    Love the kitty travel pillow. :) Speaking of chiropractors, I hope your back is doing okay!

  8. You got some great thrifty deals even if they weren't from yardsales. I never made ice cream at home but think it's a really nice thing to do with kids. Think of all the yummy flavors you can create with your girls.
    I'm heading to Target tomorrow to see what kind of deals are out there.

    Thanks for commenting on my thrifty finds...come back soon.

    I'm loving the look of your blog!

  9. Love the ice cream maker! I think my dry spell must have moved over to you! Last month I couldn't really find anything at my favorite thrifty places - this month I am inundated!

  10. Love the Target clearance shelves - nothing makes me happier than that little red sticker (or maybe a few of them!) Happy ice cream making!

  11. cute pillow. I ended up having a garage sale this weekend and had no time for thrifting.

    BTW - I left an award for you over at my blog.

  12. You are so right about not having to buy something just because you are in a thrift store. You are smart to walk out when you don't see what you are looking for.

    I've been craving homemade ice cream. I would buy an ice cream maker if I found one for the price you got. You'll have to report on the flavors you make!

  13. I haven't been finding much either...though I did find a very cool rusted wrought iron tower for the garden at Hobby Lobby at 80% off! woohoo
    And speaking of Christmas displays...Hobby Lobby already has theirs' out!!!!!!! Sheesh!

  14. I noticed the same thing about my thrift store--maybe everyone is hanging on to their stuff for their garage sales.


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