Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Martha Style

Howdy! If you missed the topic for this week's Dishing It! party, please click here. Hope to see you partying with us.

I have not had much luck with thrift stores or yard sales lately, and it's not for lack of trying! The girls and I stopped by Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday (before treating ourselves to a chocolate chip bagel at Panera Bread) and came up with nuthin'. I'm searching for a metal shelving unit/etagere to go on my deck and a sideboard/buffet for my dining room. The good thing is that experience tells me persistence pays we'll keep hunting until we find what we're looking for.

I do have one Thrifty Treasure to share with you today.

I had to stop by Macy's on Friday afternoon to pick up a few items from Clinique. After dropping $$$ on foundation and concealer (I sooo need to try our new Sephora!), I was waylaid by large clearance signs in the Martha Stewart section.

I love me some Martha Stewart.

As much as I loved all of the cute dishes, picnic items, and summery looking pitchers, I don't have room for more *stuff.* But my eyes were drawn to one small package near the door. The pricetag read $25.00, but when the cashier checked the price for me it was marked down to $4.75.

These babies came home with me:
I got four adorable flower shaped ice cream bowls and spoons for less than the price of one bowl I had been eyeing at JoAnn Fabric. We have the ingredients for strawberry shortcakes, which I think will be a hit tonight in these bowls.

So the lesson is: don't rule out stuff in department stores or Target. You can find thrifty treasures there too! I saw stuff in Goodwill yesterday marked higher than the price of those bowls.

Linking up with Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party. Always a blast!

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  1. What a great find Amanda! I love those hibiscus bowls! I gave my mom some from Sur La Table, but you got a whole set for the price of one bowl there! :)

  2. What a cute set. Good things really do come to those who wait. Of course, luck does play into it a little! It pays to always look around when one is out shopping. You never know when something you can use (or just want!) is being clearanced out. Great buy, Amanda!


  3. Whaaaat? I'm off to Macy's! Thanks!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Fantastic deal! I am with you - sometimes the department store clearance racks can be better deals than anywhere!! :)

  5. What a cute set!! Makes me want to go out and find something now :)

  6. Those are too cute! I love finding great stuff like that on clearance. Target always has sale stuff on the end of a few aisles and I always head straight there after the dollar section:)

  7. Super cute set and so much summer left to enjoy ice cream out of it!!

  8. Great deal! I bet the girls love it!


  9. Ohhhhh, that set is too cute! That's the thing about stores, they put things on clearance way before the season is even over. You still have plenty of summer to enjoy using this. :)

  10. Oh those are so pretty! I LOVE Martha too but sadly we can't buy anything of her brand here in Canada. We don't have Macy's. Sucks. I am renovating my kitchen and making everyone crazy by saying it has to be "Martha" or it doesn't make the cut. haha

  11. You did find a great deal. I would have bought that set had a seen it. You can use it for foods other than ice cream, too.

    Do you think that Goodwill sometimes prices thing high for what you get? I do.

  12. You make a great point, Amanda! Sometimes the best deals are to be found in places that might not necessarily be known as places for the thrifty shopper to shop! I love your ice cream dishes--just right for the T family!

  13. too cute sista!

    Keep on Junkin!

  14. What a great find! I love your bowls!

  15. Those are darling!!! I love them!

    We just got a new Sephora too! I had the best time checking it out the other day. There is so much yummy stuff in there :)


  16. Those little dishes are so cute. I love the little spoons too. They would have come home with me too.

  17. Bargains can be had anywhere- we just have to look. Our local GW's prices are NOT the bargains they once were. This store thinks it is a regular retail business. Finding really good sale items at stores like Macy's, Target, etc. are often times MUCH better bargains than GW. Especially since they're new!
    Great find on the Ice Cream set!! I am gonna check out our Target store this am. Visiting from Rhoda's...
    :-) Sue

  18. Those bowls are just darling! Your daughters must be thrilled. :)

  19. You are so right. Sometimes clearances can be better! Girl, even if I had Peter Walsh next to me whispering "it's all too much" I still would have gotten that set! Loooove it!

  20. Those are so sweet! I love little bowls. :)


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