Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why I Don't Have Book Club

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

I won't mince words.

Mine pretty much sucked with the notable exception of a pleasant bbq at my brother and sis-in-law's.

I woke up on Sunday and looked in the mirror to find that my face had been transformed into some sort of circus freak show. I looked like a cross between a blow fish and a zombie. Right eye swollen almost shut, no cheekbones, nose swollen.

Cold compresses didn't help, and Benadryl turned me into a real zombie. I passed out in T's chair while the girls systematically tore the Addition to pieces.

My doctor at Medic-1 appeared to be between the ages of 16-20. Very nice shoes. Clearly had no idea what is wrong with me, but gave me a prescription for an anti-histamine that she doesn't "think will make me fall asleep."

Then, to top the cake, our upstairs air conditioning quit. We slept with the windows open and all the fans blowing on Sunday night, but with the upstairs at 87 degrees on Monday, we all agreed to camp out downstairs in the cool.

I wish I could tell you that things went well with Natalie and Michaela Byrd sharing the Living room, but it's really Monday night as I type this up and I can hear them talking in there right now.

You might be wondering what in the world this has to do with Book Club, and the answer is "nothing."

I figured that if you couldn't get a laugh out of my misery, you might get one out of this hilarious Bud Light commercial. Seriously every woman's worst Book Club nightmare.

Maybe I'll feel better if I go read Little Women again....at least my sister never stole my boyfriend.
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  1. I'm sorry your weekend was so bad! That happened to our AC a few weeks ago so my hubby pulled the matresses down to the living room. The kids loved camping out downstairs, me, not so much!
    I am so glad we have that home warranty - we have already had the AC go out 3 times in just over a year of living in this house.
    This time the AC guy told us to use the cheapest filters, because the expensive ones that filter the most dust etc make the AC work a lot harder.
    Hope your week is a lot better than your weekend!

  2. Oh no! I sure hope you're feeling much better today!!

  3. Sorry you had such a bad weekend! Hope you're feeling better and this week improves for you!

  4. Aw yuck! I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I am sorry you had a bad weekend :( I hope you get the AC fixed and someone figures out what is wrong with you! I hope you have a better day!

  6. Sorry you had a bad weekend! That video is hysterical:)

  7. I'm so sorry! Is your face still swollen?
    That commercial makes Craig and me laugh, too.(So, then, do you like Little Women? Yeah, I'm not too picky, you know.)

  8. HAHAHAHA to everything you said!! You crack me up! I am, however, very sorry your face was super swollen and that the AC quit on you. Those are not very funny, but the way you describe the situation certainly was! Hopefully a MUCH better week is ahead for you! :-)

  9. Oh honey! I am so sorry you were so miserable!!! Its got to get better right?

  10. Amanda, the week can only go UP from now on..sounds like an allegic reaction to something..hope you get the a/c fixed and the rest of the week is better!


  11. Oh dear...so sorry to hear you had a rotten weekend. That sucks! And then to top it all off with an allergic reaction to something on your face is truly a nightmare. Yuck!
    I hope this week brings better days for you.

  12. Sorry to hear about your weekend. It's great that you can have a laugh about it. Hope you are feeling better!!



  13. Awwww. Virtual hug.

    I hope you're face is back to it's beautiful self now.

  14. That does not sound like a very fun weekend! I hope you are feeling better and the AC is working again!

  15. Oh no! I had a similar experience last year. Ended up in the ER with two big shots. I hope you are feeling better now.


  16. Sorry to hear about your icky weekend. That is scary. I hope you are feeling better.

  17. You poor thing! I hope you're feeling better now.

  18. Poor thing. I hope you're feeling better. I get strange facial swelling/allergic reactions and no one seems to know why or what they are from. I have figured out that if I eat a red delicious apple and let it touch my lips, they swell up like they've been stung by an entire hive of bees. It's not a pretty look.
    That commercial is awesome. I didn't go to my book club tonight because I wasn't feeling well, but really, that's kind of how ours go. A lot of drinking, not much book discussion. Good times. You need a book club.

  19. I'm sorry your weekend was a bummer! At least it's a funny story (now... maybe?)

  20. Oh no! So, are you better now? That commercial is too funny. More so, since I am actually in a book club. Oh, and there was totally coffee available. We just had to pay for it. Trust me, this was an awesome campground with an indoor pool, lodge, and brand new clean bathrooms. So, don't give me too much credit. :) The lodge even served a pancake breakfast one morning! Hope you're feeling better!!

  21. Oh my WORD! That holiday weekend truly sucked for you :( Yes, you gave me a laugh anyway. Feel better!

  22. I hope that you are feeling better by now. You must be allergic to something, but what??

    That commercial was really funny. I used to be in a book club but I couldn't keep up with the reading. I think a talk/eat/drink club is more my speed!

  23. Oh no... I hope you feel better. I hate it when you go to the doctor and you feel like you know more than he/she.

  24. I'm sorry to hear about your plight, but only you could write about it so eloquently! Hope your week starts looking up!

  25. OH NO!! Seriously? well, it made a good blog post, right? ;)

  26. Ah, so this is why we only serve wine at our book club! Hope you're feeling a bit better.


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