Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girlie Gardening

I'll be honest and say that I don't spend hours each week in my flower beds. I sneak in most of my garden work sometime during the two afternoon hours that Michaela Byrd naps and Natalie has "Quiet Time" in her room. (Although I don't know if singing boisterously and playing Barbie and Ken wedding counts as Quiet Time)

When blessed naptime does eventually roll around, I am usually too worn out from a morning of breaking up fist fights over Polly Pockets, cleaning up Littlest Pet Shop animals, and trying to match tiny toddler socks from the laundry to worry about looking completely adorable when I go out to work with my flowers.

Except for one thing:
I received a super cute pair of pink gardening gloves and a pink garden spade as a gift a couple of months ago, and I totally think they help with my garden's mojo. I can tell my wave petunias have more plentiful blossoms because I planted them while wearing my girlie gloves.


I don't know that they go particularly well with my worn I {Heart} New York shirt, ratty blue shorts, and red Croc knock-off garden clogs. But anyone who drives by must say, "My, that girl has such nice pink gardening gloves."

I did a little shopping online and saw this adorable pink garden tool set from Target.

How much fun are these wellies from the Liberty of London line?
{Do you have any garden-wear that you love to sport when you work outside?}

*In other news, the winner of the Scentsy Giveaway is Robin from I'm a Control Freak. Robin, shoot me an email so I can put you in touch with the Scentsy people!*

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  1. I'm all about girlie gardening. We must have cute accessories (LOVE those wellies!!) to get dirty :)

    Great post!!
    Happy Tuesday :)


  2. Cute gloves!

    I look anything but cute when I garden. I wear ratting old t-shirts, old running shoes, and a ball cap that was my dad's. I amaze myself with how dirty I get! Sometimes I look like I did some mud wrestling instead of gardening. It feels good to get dirty, but it feels even better to get clean afterwards.

    What I need is a new pair of garden clogs. That would be something cute and girly that I could enjoy!

  3. I wish! My garden gloves no longer look like your's pictured above. We've got red clay down here and it's HARD to get out. I asked for wellies for Mother's Day but then decided not too get them because it would require to buy cute gardening boots for the two kids too and the costs just...My two don't nap anymore and have even cuter gardening gitups than I. I did splurge awhile back and got the cutest little gardening tool set from the red envelope but its been put through a lot with me and the kids over the years:-)

  4. I usually garden in my pjs. :) I need new gardening gloves too. I think I'll buy some pretty pink ones.

  5. I wear my oldest clothes for gardening, and I cover my hair with a very attractive (ha) bandana. Every time I hope that someone we know won't drive by and decide to stop for a visit!

    I did once get a pair of cute gardening gloves, but they got so muddy that they won't come clean. They still work, and at least they keep most of the dirt from getting under my fingernails.

  6. wooo hooo!! oh my gosh I'm so excited!! I can't believe I won!!! Thank you so much!! You just made my day!!
    email on the way!!

    and I have those same gloves, but I'm not a gardener. plants die when I just walk near them!!
    Love those boots tho!

  7. Well, I don't work with flowers, because I'm a plant killer, but when I work around the house, I'm in my navy blue paint covered Adidas shorts and my Marathon t-shirt and Old Navy flip flops with hair in a ponytail. It's a lovely sight! I WISH I had something cute and girly to wear, but if I did, I'd just ruin it.

    Love those boots! Sooo cute! Mine have peacock feathers on them.

  8. No doubt about it. Passersby are most certainly engaged in admiring your girlie gloves. :)

    Actually, those are really cute. I am the world's worst about wearing gloves. Maybe if I had some cute pink ones I'd actually keep up with them and put them on before I dig in the dirt.

  9. Think a pair of those might motivate me to do some weeding?? :)

  10. Cute gloves! I would totally do more gardening if I accessorized better. hmmm, well probably not, but I'd feel much prettier!

    I hope you are having a great week Amanda!


  11. Ca-UTE! Pink gloves! I heart pink! I think I soooo need that gardening tool set also.

    I don't have anything special for gardening, because that would imply that I garden. I have very much neglected my yard this year!

  12. LOVE the pink gardening gloves, girl. Hubby got me a pair of John Deere pink gardening gloves last year and I adored them (he works for Deere). But, alas, they were destroyed and holy, so I had to replace them. I've never found another pair I loved as much.

    I also have some great gardening boots. Very chic. ;)

  13. Every year I get a new pair of gloves to wear in the garden. I don't know why, but I seem to be a better gardener with smart gloves on!

  14. Loving the gardening gloves! You need those Wellies though. Would add to your mojo for sure!!

  15. Love the pink gloves. I like to sport gloves that are "plastic" coated so my fingers don't get wet while playing in the mud. I love em.

  16. I love girly gardening implements! I absolutely HATE gardening...because bugs and dirt and work are involved. Cute things are the only thing that makes it fun. Oh yes, and flowers!


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