Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love jewelry that makes a statement, whether it's my chunky silver beads or the tiny turquoise ring on a chain that tells a story from my childhood.

I so pleased that Kristin, whose creative hands run the one9designs Etsy shop, wanted to join up as a Sponsor here at Serenity Now. one9designs is home to custom, hand-stamped necklaces, birthstone stacking rings, and special gifts.
"Beautiful, meaningful, handcrafted," the tagline for the shop, sums up just about everything that a girl could ask for in a special piece of jewelry.

Kristin opened shop in the summer of 2009. She had recently completed a class at a local bead store, an attempt to indulge in some "mommy time," and caught the creative bug. She's been blessed with successful sales, the ability to buy some fun new tools...and her "very own fire extinguisher."

When you browse one9designs, you'll see that Kristin offers a nice variety of Mother and Family Necklaces.
Something unique that really stood out to me was the fact that the shop features an entire section devoted to animal lovers! If you've been here lately, you know I'm a dog lover. I love one9design's selection of pet tags and necklaces personalized for pet owners!
Not into necklaces or pets (seriously, what's wrong with you?!)? Kristin has you covered!

She has a lovely assortment of rings in a variety of styles and she even sells custom keychains...Father's Day is coming up, readers! If you want to forgo the traditional tie in lieu of something super-cool, check out one9design's Father's Day Hand-Stamped Key Chain.

My current personal favorite is the Hand-Stamped Necklace with Heart Charms.
It wasn't surprising to me that while her jewelry has a definite theme of family to it, Kristin does her best to keep her husband and children her true priority. There's always work to be done with one9designs, but "family is always first." As a mom who works to maintain balance, I can appreciate Kristin's honesty. You can read more about Kristin's homelife at her cute blog, Acorn Hill Studios.

I like the fact that the jewelry in the shop is simple enough to wear to everyday events, but that each customized piece has special meaning. Kristin notes that she works with sterling and fine silver, and she uses genuine gemstones. You won't be disappointed if you head over to take a peak at one9designs.

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See you tomorrow for some great Weekend Bloggy Reading and an announcement about next week's Decorating Dilemmas party!
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  1. Wow, really pretty stuff! She's come a long way from a class at a beading shop!

  2. Oh my goodness, I don't even have a pet (anymore) but the dog tags are too adorable! :-D

  3. just found you -- looking fwd to following your journey! :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Cute stuff! I'm not much of a jewelry girl. I have about 3 pair of earrings and a platinum wedding band. And to answer your question - there's plenty wrong with me!!!

    I really like this personalized jewelry, though. I may succumb to the temptation! Your favorite is my favorite as well.

  6. I might have to get that cute necklace with the dog bone for my MIL's birthday. Thanks for the info Amanda! So cute!!!

  7. What beautiful things. . . it must be nice to be able to create things like this. Oh, well, for those of us who can't create them, there's Etsy!

    I am really digging the idea of a custom keychain for a father's day gift. A keychain is also a very cool birthday gift for a kid on his 16th birthday, by the way. Take it from an old mom.

    Thanks for another sponsor post that's actually a pleasure to read!

  8. Those really are neat!

    On a completely unrelated note ... when I loaded your blog just now, the About Me caught my eye, and it looked like it said "secretly married to..." LOL (How tired am I?!)

  9. Beautiful!! I really loved the necklaces featured in the first set of photos. The initials. So cool!

  10. Okay...I'm totally in love with the daddy keychain! I'm seriously thinking that I need one for the hubs!!


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